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Two If By Tea Corporate Office Headquarters
Karhl Holdings, LLC
2255 Glades Road, Suite 324A
Boca Raton FL 33431
Hours: 10:00am-7:00pm EST, Monday – Friday.

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16 Replies to “Two if By Tea”

  1. I’ve been trying to find out where/how to place an order on I used to buy them a lot back at the Two-if-by- Tea site. I’ve now searched 4 times for the TEA…not clothes, not toys…and cannot find an order form. Please help.

  2. Can I get a coupon for Fathers Day Im having a problem since before xmas I have been getting the tea for years even my Daughter has placed orders Can you please try to help me? I will go in as a new customer if I have to I can not get in your seight

  3. 1. Your web site does not work with my iPhone 5 Why? It does work for ordering only with my iMac.

    2. My Tea order was supposed to arrive in 3 days Fedex tells me it is going to take 6 days for 1 case of tea to arrive.

    When on your web site at the Questions inquiry page it asks for a security code to be put in. There is no security code anywhere on the page and without the security code you can’t submit any questions. Did you do this on purpose?I found this page on the web but I am not sure anybody reads them as the dates are old.






  5. I need a phone number to contact you. Placed two orders and they are going to the wrong address!! Found this out when you let me know shippment was on its way!! Sent email a zillion times with correct address, duh!!!

  6. I have been trying to order Rush Limbaugh Bottled Tea and am not able to access anything regarding ordering the tea. I have been ordering online for years. What is happening? Is he discontinuing the online products or how would you advise me to order the tea or is he discontinuing the product?

    Please, Advise.

  7. Last week, I ordered three flavors of tea; the order number was100714184. Of the three flavors I ordered and paid for, I only received the Diet Raspberry. I am missing the Original and Unsweet flavors. I don’t understand why there is no phone number to call. I know there used to be a phone number because Rush Limbaugh used to brag about the “great” customer service this company had by talking about the phone conversation customers had with the two if by tea staff. I now realized why he hasn’t bragged lately because it seems there is no customer service with this company.

  8. Impossible to reach customer service as the phone number given is 866-662-1776 and it is not in service.

    Your website is in need of updating!

    It appears that a duplicate order was placed in my name and I only want one Liberty horse.

    Here are the two order numbers: 100836522 100846875.

    Please cancel one order.

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