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  1. Keep trying to renew my service but end up with people that are not knowledgeable about what they have to offer can some one please E-mail are call me i would hate to go with another Company!

  2. I am very sick and have my phone on silent for the majority of the time. I periodically check my for calls.The number 214-736-5178 has called me for 8 days in a row .My son answered my phone yesterday and asked who she was and she said she was from TXU and she needed to know why I was paying such a high rate. She called again today and I answered the phone. I said hello and no one answered. I said who is this and why do you keep calling for 8 days. The girl on the phone said she was from TXU and was calling to see if I was happy with my service. I said why do you have to call 8 days in a row. She said that I had signed up with TXU and they could call me when ever they wanted to. I asked about the Lite up program and why I didn’t get it anymore and she said I had gotten a letter last year in January telling me that the program was going to be discontinued in September. I said that they should have sent out a reminder and again she repeated her speech. The whole time she is talking to me with an attitude. She was very rude and mean.I never answer my phone and the day I did I get the rudest person in the world. You should get people who want to do a job and not like everyone has to do them a favor.

  3. I am trying to change my mothers billing address from her home to my house. She is 92 , and is no longer able to keep up with her bills getting payed. I pay all of her bills now and I can not find any place on the website that tells me what to do, to get that done. Nothing on the bill.

  4. Received a final notice bill for $166.80 from Service Protection Group something I never signed up for. Numbers on the letters just ring busy. How’s the little guy to fight this kind of stuff?

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