United Airlines Flight Status


United Airlines Flight Status By Phone.

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  1. united airlines has the worst customer service. i have been trying to call them or email them for three weeks without any responce. I had to change a flight date because of an family illness which resulted in death and was told that if i could show proof that I would be refunded the change fee of flights which was $250.00. I have sent all dostuffents that they have asked for and still no answer, no response. I was given a case number of 11218504. also i sent death certicate of my family member. united airlines needs better customer service. No respect for their customers.

  2. all I need is to find out about changing my reservation from one way to round trip.and how much more do I have to pay or not.

  3. Myra! Nickel &diming is the American Walmart states of America way of doing business. What rock have you been living under for all these years?

  4. Oh boy! I sure wish I had read all this before I booked my 87 yr. old dad into a flight! Granted the people I have dealt with face to face have been excellent! But, then again we were charged $310 for 2 suitcases and 2 boxes and then…

    Once the plain was delayed… it’s gone downhill! The lady at the gate was rude to my dad when he became concerned… and they keep delaying, and delaying… and delaying..

  5. I am simply shocked that you are charging for the first bag checked. My family is traveling to Hawaii and I now find out you are charging us for every bag checked and we get no meals at all, unless we buy them on board.. I will never fly United again if I can help it. For crying out loud, just charge more for flights and quit nickel and diming the public that you claim to be concerned about absolutely to death.

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