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  1. 6/21 2018

    I’ve already cancelled my booking Sac to Honolulu because of my husband became serious illness (Dr recommends

    hospice now)

    Booking 3008340

    English is my second language, so please help me to send information. If I need proofs, I will ask his family doctor’s certify.

  2. O would like to appeal the refund reply decision I received to the Director of the refund department. Can you please provide a phone number where I can speak to an actual person?

  3. I have been trying to get my money back since December 1, 2016. I got my tickets on November 12,2016., on the phone using my visa card. One for my wife,one for me, another for our dog. I also receive e- mail from United with Flight Itinerary giving us confirmation Number for us, and one for the dog. On December 1, 2016- 4:15am a hour before my flight. At check-in the clerk ask if I have a visa. I told I do not know nothing about a Visa . She said We needed a visa to enter Costa Rica…A security agent took me to the side. We went into a room there. He told me we did not need one to enter Costa Rica. I when back to the check told her. She told me that was the only way we could board..Another man in line told me to ask about a return tickets. She then told me, We could board with return tickets…. I try telling her we were not planning o coming back.She said return tickets or no boarding. I tried to get her to give them to me on Vista Card. No cash only…Ihad to pay $687.26 cash. Sense then been trying to get money. Have application in for my residency..HELP! HELP ! Anyone……call 4or 5 numbers to UNITED…

    Just a run around……

  4. Missed my flight because one airplane was in the way, when we were just trying to get off. I was stuck in Dallas/Ft Worth and had to argue with the customer service person because he was trying to say it was weather related. I told him that it was NOT weather related whatsoever and they were, in fact, going to give me voucher for a free hotel which they did but didn’t even bother to give me free food voucher. The next day, my flight was delayed for two hours. We were supposed to be flying into the airport into my town (Springfield, Il). About five minutes before touching down, we hear an overhead announcement stating that the weather is too bad to land and we have to land in Peoria. Peoria is roughly an hour away. They said that we needed to allow time for Springfield Airport to clear the ice that was covering the landing strip. We got to Peoria and were told that we were being deplaned and they would tell us more at the boarding gate. We all got off and sat around. We were then told about 15 minutes later that, we were not being taken back to Springfield. We were just stuck in Peoria and they would not be giving any vouchers for hotels because this was weather related. I had to call my 17 year old daughter who is an inexperienced driver to drive on iced over roads with it snowing, approximately 60 miles away. I was FURIOUS and scared to death. I immediately starting typing my refund request at the airport waiting on my child to pick me up. I am still fighting with these people over the refund. It has been 3 weeks and I’m still fighting but I don’t give up, so we shall see. They first sent me an email stating they had sent it on for a refund. Then, it was the holidays, allow us time to process. Then, we have sent it on to customer service. ??? So, I’m calling on it now because I’m not quite sure how customer service fits into this equation. I am going to need my money back ASAP.

  5. our flight was suppose to go on December 24ht and than cancel at the line minute we had to stay at the hotel they gave us a voucher to stay at the hotel this airline is the worse ever never tell u nothing and on top of that the day of Christmas we was still in the airport and the flight was delayed again flight#1905 I WILL NEVER FLY WITH THEM AGAIN

  6. I have not flown United in many years–I do not know why though-mostly because we flew Space A because my husband, as well as our daughter were retired Navy, active duty Navy. I have had an impossible time getting through to your refund dept. I got very ill the day before my flight. Nov 23 and WAS TOLD if I could send in the treatment info at Urgent Care [Jonesboro, AR] “I should be able to get a refund” My son and I were flying first leg from Memphis to Denver, CO., then on to Seattle. UA 528, UA 1018, UA 695, UA467. The CONFIRMATION # is JCHJN8. This flight was $1286.46, which is not the most expensive but to a retired Navy E-6, it is very much.!! THANK YOU Every which way I tried to get in touch with anyone who might could have helped me, I was blocked. The one woman on the 24th did tell me to send in the medical report for a “probable” refund.

    Sudden, acute sickness should be a legitimate reason

  7. I have never flown United Airlines. My husband and I had planned a trip to see my family during the Christmas Holiday. Two days prior to the trip, he got so ill that the Dr said he could not travel and our trip had to be cancelled immediately. I contacted United Airlines and they were very helpful and professional. I submitted the appropriate paperwork and the United Airlines Refund Department not only sent us a very nice email, they also graciously and expeditiously refunded our money. I am very impressed with this airline’s customer service and commend them for being conscientious, caring and not only after financial profit. United Airlines has our business for life.

  8. Impossible communication online they’re don’t receive any return form, and costumers service don’t help, don’t care!!!!!

  9. I seen, when my wife checked in her baggage on flight united 893( from SFO to Soul Korea )international (confirmation # NDRW74) ,she cry d second baggage charged extra 100$ and had problem transfer baggage in Soul to Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) they said baggage not transferable to another flight because of 23 hours flight transfer differ than she forget her cellphone at the check in baggage counter desk ,she ‘s been using that phone showing her ticket reservation to the united agent, Her flight were 10/05/2016 around 10.30

  10. Impossible to deal with United Airlines on-line for Refunds. I’m convinced that it’s “on purpose” that they make dealing with them so difficult. What a crappy airline. Customer Service doesn’t exist!! It’s a JOKE!!

  11. United Airlines had no service reps to help my wife check her bag. She was traveling by herself with our 2 small children. Finally, someone came to help her and they charged her an extra $100 fee on our credit card without telling her that the bag was over the 50 lb at limit by a couple pounds. She easily could have taken it out and put in carry-on bags to save $100. Called and was told they would issue a refund to call back in a couple weeks if we do not get it. When I called back nobody could find the record of the request with my reference numbers..they kept putting me on hold and transferring me to phone numbers that no longer exist in the company. I looked online and it said you could only fax inquiries about refunds to them and they no longer accepted phone calls. I did that over 2 and a half months ago. No refund or contact from them! Will never fly United again! I would pay $500 extra per ticket to fly another airline if I had to. I am telling everyone and anyone I talk to about airlines that United does dirty business and does not care about the customer. BE WARNED!!!!

  12. I was on Business class Flight 954 on 5/25/16 from SFO to TLV. The entertainment system was borken and no movies for 14 hours. In addiiton Kosher meals I ordered were not found and I was served economy class meal.

  13. My bags was lost for 4 days, my trip was 7 days long, they offered me a ticket as a refund. Well guess what, they sent the info to the wrong email address and when I called them back to correct the issue of the wrong email… they had to reissue the info again which I still have not gotten, its been 2 mo, trying to correct or locate the refund. I have been on the phone on hold for 6x’s each time lasting over 30 min, when an agent gets on the phone, they hangup,. this process starts all over again. All I want is my ticket that was promised. 4 days in the same cloths was not a good look, This company needs to sell to a company that gets it right the first time…SOUTHWEST

  14. United Airlines approved my request for a refund of my Buisinessclass ticket to San francisco for which I was very grateful. Unfortunately there is a delay as they do not have my proper Bank details. for the refund..

    I cannot find an emailadress to correct this problem.

    I would be very grateful if you could help.

  15. United airlines is the worst when it comes to customer service,

    They charged me 3x’s for an “unacommpanied minor” fee (total of $$450.00) when they should have charged me 1x.

    No one can help when I called United. They sent me to the website refund page but that was useless. 3 weeks later I still have no answers and they have not refunded me the $300.00 they over charged me,

    Horrible experience. I will never fly with them again!

  16. I was fly to Denver to Las vegas on Jan 3, 2016, by UA 559. I purchased the economy plus seats.

    The confirmation is EXEYST. The ticket number is 0167702535021 which as I pay the $42.00 on my Credit card.

    My seat was 10A (window) this fight was full no seat left. next of 10B very Heavy woman (maybe 300 LB or more)

    My body was bent & crushed, I complained, but no seats were left. How you can put the Heavy woman into the regular seat. I’d like to have my money back. This is not Fair to me. I am looking for your answer,

    P.S. I have a photo if you need that.

  17. Just noticed on my Discover Card Statement that United charged me $25 TWICE for one bag…… Thought it would be pretty simple to get it taken off. After getting the run around from Michelle….she tells me she cannot help me. I need to call back tomorrow to find someone who can!!!!!!!! How hard can it be to see the discrepancy!!!!!!

  18. Child flew United with a layover in Denver. After four hours, the flight was cancelled after 9 pm. The only flight that night to SLC was on Southwest. The ticketing agent told her to take that as she wouldn’t get out of Denver that night on any other flight. She did. Now United refuses to refund her the price of the Southwest ticket saying they don’t have an agreement with Southwest. United refunded her the amount that the one leg of her trip that was cancelled cost, but it is more than $100 short of what they should refund her.

  19. Delayed in Newark for 3 hours and they did not give correct info to request a refund or whatever they planned to do. Couldn’t even get the right info from 3 different people that I called. This is a terrible in light of customer service capabilities. I am guessing that this will not be resolved or anyone call me to get this completed. My wife and I were on flight 958 to London on June 18th. Delayed 3 hours in Newark. Confirmation numberAXMKHM

  20. Bad customer service hanged on phone 15 minutes. no phone number available on United’s website for refund customer service.

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