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  1. I just received a call from a John carter saying that they were going to have me arrested for non payment of loan.but I have never borrowed money from this me!

  2. I am trying to put my payment on the PAYPAL card. I can`t get the paypal card to get in. I was wondering if I could send it western union. The payment was due on the 21st in March. Pleas e help me

  3. i.m 18 teen i.m a speical needs i need help i want to get a itouch ipod 5th it 200.00 dollars they payed me less money then i work for please help me

  4. They gave my infamous a collection agency which told me I was going to jail and he was going to rest me in my job the make up on my daughter Tumler how good her wimp usually want the heck are you want to eat her wimp out she was only nine so I called them back and they said the personal work for Melissa’s game but they gave my information to the collection agency and they act like they don’t know what they do you want to cause a pot the police on this me and it’s called they had me call him back and he said that USS has gave him my information whatever I did borrow from him they will never get it back I haven’t having to torture me they are full of crap

  5. I would like to know about this person saying he works for youall trying to collect a debit that he saids I owe of a 735.00 . HIS name is KEVIN out of PHILADELPHIA PENNSIVAYEY. HE HAS called my job every day this needs to be stopped. I did have a loan but I paid every thing back .A total of 630.00 was sent by WESTERN UNIONTO THIS person.SO please help me out. THANK YOU

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