US Federal Communications Commission


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  1. For some reason I am getting billed by in the amount of $59.00 per month. I DID NOT sign up for this. I just recieved another billing by way of my Discover card. I have tried calling Classmates with no success. How do I get out from under this charge? This is very frustrating…

  2. At about 10:15 AM, April 24th,2014. A man calling himself Spencer Reid contacted me by phone. He said he was with the Federal Trade Comm.. The phone # he gave me was ( 202 779 9229 ).He explained to me P.C.H. computers have been compromised by hackers. Because I have been trying to win some money with the sweepstakes, I know its a petty risky business. Thank God its almost over because I’m broke. Richard

  3. On 4-21-2011 I signed a contract: (Litigation Engagement Package) with Precision Law Center, A Professional

    Corporation, 6 Hutton Center Dr, Suite 600 South Coast Metro, CA. 92707. Three payments of $2,000.00 was

    made on 4-25-2011, 5-25-2011, and 6-25-2011 totaling $6000.00. In my dockets here I have the signed contract, violation summary, Superior Court for the State of California, County of Los Angeles – Central District, Case # BC 458757 By Christopher Persaud, Esq. (SBN: 262620). Last word from Precision Law Center was 6-20-2011. Recently herd through the grapevine that Federal Trade Commission Closed said law center down. Will await your

    reply. Walter G. Marchant

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