US Homeland Security


The Department of Homeland Security has a vital mission: to secure the nation from the many threats we face. Homeland Security’s duties are wide-ranging, but their goal is clear ? keeping America safe.
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4 Replies to “US Homeland Security”

  1. Who is William Madu? What about Mr. Steven Tilley and what does this have to do with me? My family is alive and safe. If this is not true I will contact the FBI.

    This is not funny.

  2. I just called Homeland Security to express concerns about the shooting at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs and was told they do absolutely nothing about domestic terrorism. This is despite the fact people are seven times more likely to be victims of domestic terrorists than any threat from Muslims.

  3. I am concerned about hearing the same voice while dealing with several different company, I was told these are Call Center and are they legal are the owner legally licenced. What Country are they calling from? I have had problems and unreliable information and sales information from them compared to hearing from the actual Company. I am dealing with. I have had to change my bank ATM Card twice in 3 months and receive a call asking for my ATM number and pin number and it wasn’t from the Bank, it was automated, how did they get my number. I am concerned about our Internet security, in America, please help, whoever reads this I ask for your support.I constantly get email saying I won or will receive a large inheritances if I respond, How are they getting my email address. Also I pray we quickly do something about the explcit contentography so freely assessable in the United States. The language and the way children under the age of 18 are now starting to dress on TV programs and modeling on store ads, they look to young. I believed child explcit contentography to be illegal in America, HELP! I pray America becomes a Country that stands on “In God We Trust.” God is looking from heaven and Jesus is returning soon.

  4. Dear Homeland security officer — my name is Charles I have been visiting the USA since

    2006 up to 2013 I never break any immigration law I did not stay more than 3 month every summer time for vacation and I was never arrested in the USA or did anything unlawful

    I was checking the web site of Messersmithlaw and they said I am denied entry to USA

    I was really shocked

    if you can help me I would really appreciate it

    my passport number is

    my visa number is



    visa issue Date

    visa expiration date

    I am afraid I did not scan the passport when I left the USA — I left on October the first

    I have ben in Lebanon since November

    thank you and best regards

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