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US Weekly Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
PO Box 8253
Red Oak, IA 51591-1253
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-484-1616

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56 Replies to “US Weekly Magazine”

  1. I have been receiving Us magazine and Entertainment weekly which I don’t read and did not order. Please stop sending these magazines and please do not bill me either. I tried to phone you 2x but I was on hold for too long.Thanks in advance.

  2. I have been disconnected twice………..this telephone service is not working. I did not receive my magazine last week and want to check on my subscription……it is good until 2018. Please reply with a solution.

  3. Please cancel my subscription!!I have tried several times , but I am still

    getting this magazine I have no interest at all. It is a waste of paper &

    postage. I will return them.

  4. I have been receiving copies of this magazine for the last few months and I don’t know why. I did not subscribe to this magazine! I have no interest in this magazine because of the content; I am not interested in the types of life styles these people live. I am a Christian and want no part of this magazine. Please discontinue this magazine and do not try to bill me for it.

  5. I had written and even emailed over 7 MONTHS ago to have this awful magazine to STOP …

    I did NOT or would even want to subscribe to this trash!

    I better not get any billing whatsoever!

  6. I keep getting this piece of junk US Weekly every single week.Im not paying anything.I didn’t subscribe for it.Im trying to find their phone number.To ask them to stop sending me this crabby US Weekly.Its annoying to me.:((

  7. I tried to cancel my subscription though the publishers exchange, I really want a refund but was unsuccessful in doing o. Please advise as to wht options I have to get my money bck at this time.

  8. I was charged 52.00 for a subscription that I do not want! I cannot afford this. I have not found an operator to talk to so I can get a refund. This is ridiculous. I want my money back.

  9. I too just received this magazine without subscription. I called th customer service number and I too am receiving this magazine on behalf of M2 Media Agency. I don’t know who they are or how they got my address. The customer serivice for US Weekly gave me the number to contact them and the recording instantly starts out “Hello. Thank you for calling about you magazine subscription.” But you can’t talk to a live person. They give you a web address and mailing address to contact them. The last thing I want to do is send out my information to them when I do t know how they got it in the first place. Very suspicious. Funny how a random company can afford to pay for a magazine subscription for me till May 2017

  10. I have been trying to cancel this trashy, shallow-as-stump-water magazine through phone and internet. This process is a waste of my time and unsuccessful. All I’ve gotten is recordings, disconnects, or another phone number to go to, equally useless. The web site to contact…wow a how-to-cancel with absolutely nothing on it. I DO NOT WANT this magazine coming to my house. A waste of paper! Cancel this subscription that I NEVER ordered and NEVER wanted. DO NOT SEND ME any e-mails as I don’t want further crap from this company or from any corporations attached to it in any way.

  11. I was scammed into receiving a subscription for this magazine that I never subscribed to. I was asked if I’d like a free copy of Us magazine , I said ok , I was charged $1.00 then a month later $45.00 was withdrawn from my account . I never read this magazine and really wish they would stop sending them . I emailed the company and was told that my experience would be reviewed and I would be contacted, I never heard anymore. Terrible company !

  12. I recently received a copy of the US Weekly Magazine to my home, I did not order this magazine nor do I have any knowledge of anyone else at my address using my name to order this magazine. I am requesting that this subscription be immediately canceled and not billed due to the fact that US Weekly did not have my authorization to start a subscription in my name and to demand money at this point would be a criminal act of the part of this company .

    If any bill is sent I will be filling a formal complaint with the appropriate companies in out Government with oversee act of fraud , theft and wrongful business practices .

    J. Harris


  13. I have subscribed to US Weekly for several years and provide a gift subscribing for my daughter-in-law. I am supposed to get my magazine every Friday but I never get it on time. Now I have not received a magazine in two weeks and I am paid up on my bill. I am about ready to cancel both subscriptions if delivery does not improve.

  14. Have received this magazine for some time, did not order, I understand its free but will renew and I don’t want to renew and be charged I babble called several numbers and can’t speak to anyone to cancel please do not renew, thank you

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