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Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-484-1616

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56 Replies to “US Weekly Magazine”

  1. I have been following your articles in Yahoo about the Duke of Cambridge, about Prince Geaorge and Kate Middleton. Who is she? The nanny?

    Dear Director. How can you allow such a demeaning and undignified article to appear in your paper? It gives the whole newspaper the shadow of trash written by unqualified so called journalists.

    I am ashamed that Americans can offend a duchess in such an ugly way.Although she will always remain a duchess no matter what your “geniuses” call her. Kate Middleton does not exist any more. It is her highness the duchess of Cambridge.

  2. why the f are you closed on the weekends REALLY? I wanted to place an order for a special cirstuffstances. This is the best time for me to this???? I guess I will Give PEOPLE my business

  3. Please do not renew my subscription after May 14.

    account # 0872 9545 320

    According to my records I should have one magazine left from US.

  4. Customer service has been notified to cancel an order that was not place by me.

    I called to cancel

    Recording said subscription was cancelled, I refuse to be a dime for this magazine.

    I did not order it nor do I want to read it.

  5. I am receiving US Weekly. I have not purchased this magazine and do not want this trash delivered to my address.

  6. I renewed my subscription and paid for it myself instead of my daughter paying as she did for the past two years. Its been nearly 2 months and no magazine as yet. I’m unable to find a phone number for customer service and all info online is for new subscribers! Where’s my magazine??

  7. I know if they dont stop pushing there magazines on people and tricking them into subscribing for free magazines that ain’t free. I will start to collect names, email signatures and do something about US magazine

  8. Did not subscribe to US magazine STOP SUBSCRIPTION ASAP Will keep this email as proof of cancelation

    acct number#0786878488

  9. I just tossed your recent issue – received a few minutes ago – into the trash. I did not subscribe. I do not want your product. Please cease mailing the magazine to me.

  10. I cannot believe that someone on this planet could work for such a company. You couldn’t pay me enough to sell out my soul to print this garbage. I am an average American who will never be involved, dress like, or sucstuffb to any of this Hollywood B.S. I cannot even imagine why some of these people do what they do and who cares? Leave them alone. Let them live their lives.

  11. I did not order this magazine. I want it terminated immediately. I am very discriminating about what magazines I bring into my house. This would not be one of them. I would like to give a Kudos to “Melissa” at the customer service department. She was very helpful in helping me cancel this subscription.

  12. i didn’t order this magazine US WEEKLY and need to stop this be discontinued. Thank you for your help with this …I tried doing it on line and something about password and all that nonsense. So please cancel ASAP.

  13. we did not order this please stop it..we are not paying for not send to our address any more…u will be reported……joesph edwards..

  14. I have been receiving Us magazine and Entertainment weekly which I don’t read and did not order. Please stop sending these magazines and please do not bill me either. I tried to phone you 2x but I was on hold for too long.Thanks in advance.

  15. I have been trying to get this company to stop sending these magazines to my mother…….and yet, they just keep coming. I wonder if there is any way to report them and have them pay big fines for the constant harassment. I believe it would be worth trying. One could probably get rich from all the money they spend on the postage they pay to send these out to people who no longer want them.

  16. US magazine: My name is Nancy Ellen and I have been receiving issues of US Weekly for some months. I did not order this magazine and I would appreciated it if you would cancel the subscription to me. I am a 77 year old senior and this magazine is not for me though I am sure the younger generation would enjoy it. Thank you. Nancy E.

  17. I have been receiving Star and US Weekly magazines of which I have tried cancelling. I do not have a phone number and have written to them. But to no avail. I keep getting them! Please reply with a solution.


  18. I’m receiving US Weekly magazines I never did order I want my money that’s been taken off my card I giving you one week to give my money back if I don’t hear from u by one week I will have my lawyer to contact you I didn’t order them and I don’t want them

  19. I keep getting this junk you call US Weekly every single week. I’m not paying anything .I didn’t subscribe for it, PLEASE take my name off your system NOW.

  20. I’m a Born-Again Believer in JESUS CHRIST.I’m Highly offended that America has stooped this low in allowing sin city to rein.According to scripture REVELATION chp 13 the use of the internet(www) means 666 in the hebrew language Sin will be dealth with when The LIVING GOD is FED UP.According to scripture MY LIVING GOD JESUS CHRIST has the final say in whom enters Heaven. de end.

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