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    Lisa is receiving USA Today paper at Washington, DC 20036

    Suite 500. However Lisa is not in that office. Please stop sending this paper because the tenant in suite 500 is getting annoyed.

    The Label saids 1211010 USA TODAY



  2. I can understand that providing reliable delivery service of the USA Today paper can be a challenge. And I also understand that problems can occur. What I can’t understand is a non caring attitude. I have been dealing with a delivery issue for 4 months (only received one paper this year!) and I have yet to speak to anyone that seems to be close enough to the problem to solve it. I get courteous emails occasionally, however, after calling several times and being transferred a few time I end up having to leave a message and have yet to receive a return call.

  3. 25Feb’16= Ms. Donovan Stack’s Article on the Competence of VA Services ! As a Vet and member of a small group, for 40 years= we have encountered it all ! But the greatest disability not recognized by the VA or any organization in the civilian world = still goes un-mentioned or treated ! A group of legal support by Vets …For Vets in being profiled by civilians in the employment and judicial systems !!! And denied due process !!!!!

  4. How do you get regular delivery from your carrier? I average one missed issue a week and

    this has been going on for several months.

  5. It over 15 weeks since I have requested delivery of the Usa today. I have called at least 25 time, you can check your files.

  6. I called today the second or third time I called. My son is receiving the usa today in Palestine Texas in prison. Paper, books any thing from the outside world is very important to them. I have been sending him magazine, book, papers for at least a year or more. I was told around Jan. the reason is was not getting there because of location of unit being in the country and bad weather. He had been getting it on time and was very happy with it. Now I called and they do not have a reason for it being late. It has been late for the last month. By the time he gets it the sport and activities are over with. PLEASE see what can be done about this.

    Thank you,

    Linda Kindhart

  7. Been a USA Today subscriber for 3 years now. First sub. I canceled and got my money back after months and months of delays in getting the paper. Sometimes a delay of a week. Contacted CS and they said they would record the problem and have the Dist. Manager contact me….still waiting and it has been 6 months. I have tried to go online to record non-delivery of the paper and they have locked me out. They say the site is down…has been down now for 75 days. This is the worst paper and worst customer service folks….promise the moon and all you get is dirt.

  8. Looking for edition of USA Today that had article about couple from Paris, France. They are traveling world studying rivers and the rivers eceomnic impact on people that live in the cities, towns or communities on these rivers. France is having this study to use for its expo in 2015.

    Someone told me that they had read article in USA Today and I’m trying to find copy. It should be fairly recent, the couple stayed three nights we me and my husband in Natchez, Ms this past week.

    I would love to have this edition, hope you can help!

    Brenda Edgin

  9. I have been a subscriber since 2010 and always have the USA Today delivered to my son who is in Coleman Florida prison. About a month and a half ago, my son started receiving his newspaper a day later than everyone else that is in the prison. I called about 8 or 9 times and still the paper is a day late. I even suspended my subscription and restarted it back on September 1, 2015. This is ridiculous as he is still receiving the paper a day later than everyone else. And it doesn’t help that on the weekend, he needs the TV schedule and it is a day late in the newspaper.I am upset with this and am going to report it as I see other people have similar complains. It is sad that people pay their hard earned money and the product is not satisfactory.

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