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  1. The rudest customer service ever. I tried to cash a check from US Bank and was treated as if I was trying to scam them. They were so rude. Never will I use their bank and if I ever get another mortgage it will be with a different bank.

  2. I’ve been a customer of this bank for 9 years and have always had savings (until a couple of years ago), checking, and a car loan that was paid off early. I keep over $10,000 in my account there on a regular basis. I am an excellent customer.

    Today I attempted to send my son money because of an emergency and could not do so. They have my limit at $100.00 because “…you have never used this service before.” What?? Am I a baby??? It is $500.00 for heaven’s sake, not $5,000.00. It seems they increase one’s limit over time…I suppose for some banker’s reason.

    I am closing my account. I will never recommend them to anyone. They use our money OUR money, not THEIR money and charge us an arm and a leg for the privilege of doing so.

  3. After a lockout on our mortgage account, there was no way to reset the password. They showed a number on their website of 1-800-356-7772. I called it and got a prerecorded message saying they did not take calls from my area! Now we cannot access our account or call customer un-service. I am going to look to refi with a new company. Horrible.

  4. can you have corporate customer service call me? I have never been treated so rudely as I was today.@9430 Colerain ave Cincinnati 45251. by Colleen Aaskren , Felicia, Ashley.i have an HD CREDIT CARD that I think I will see if they have another bank I can deal with. please call thank you.

  5. I’m sitting here on hold after having been directer here from two other customer service people. I paid a car loan off with US Bank, they will not send me a title and I’ve been jumping through hoops for three months now. My husband died and the car was in his name. I paid my car off with another bank and I had a title in mail in less than a week. Every time I call these people I get switched from department to department and given excuse after excuse why they won’t send me a title to this car that is paid off in full. They were glad to get the seventeen thousand dollars but getting a title seems to be impossible. I am paying insurance on a car I don’t drive and now it’s getting later and later and these clowns won’t even answer the phone. A woman keeps saying thank you for your patience while horrific music plays in the background and to tell you the truth I’m not that patient anymore.

  6. US Bank has no Customer Service. I called my Branch and was told they could not help me at that time because the have “Customer” standing at the Window. My question is because I’am on the phone, I’am NOT a Customer? I would think that the person on the phone with a problem, whould have as much priority as the person at the Window.

  7. We have been members of US Bank since they were Tri County back in the early 80’s. Always been a goo bank for us. we recently purchased a home and our banker, we’ll call him Joe, forgot a new form. We have been forced to live in a hotel for three maybe 4 days because of his screw up. Plus we have about an additional 1500 in expenses that somebody is going to pay for. all of our belongings are stuck on a truck somewhere. When this is settled, GB US Bank

  8. Tried to cash a check from this bank. I went to 3 different banks in Castle Rock Co, they did not have the cash. They cleared the check ok, sent me to Parker Co to cash. The women in the bank in parker co had to clear check again. Take my time again. Charged me 7 dollars to cash. wow, what kind of service is this? think they owe me 7 dollars for poor service. thank you.

  9. For the last few days I’ve tried calling the 24 hour customer service line for their credit cards. Each time at different times of the day. When I ask for a representative it takes me to an automated message stating their wait time is incredibly long and that I will need to call back in a few hours and then it hangs up. Seems very odd for a huge banking company to be completely unaccessible at all times of the day and gives me no option to stay on hold.

  10. At the 7612 US HIGHWAY SOUTH, Nashville, TN location, the branch manager was the most unprofessional and under trained bank employee that I ever have encountered. Granted, most of US Bank employees are ill-trained to deal with the public. But after dealing with their ignorant behavior and lack of customer service knowledge for several years, enough is enough. It seems like they are only trained to count numbers, push a few

    buttons, and not too many for fear they might burn up too much brain power, and memorize 2 or 3, at the most,

    policies and procedures and then they set them loose from their kennels and release them out to the front desk. Maybe it’s just that they feel they’re not paid enough to care, but it’s a part of life. You get a job, you have to follow through with your responsibilities, even if you’re forced to deliver customer care. Insulting customers intelligence, lack of compensation and having an “I don’t wanna fix it” attitude is just unacceptable. Their customer is so bad it makes me want to work there to educate them to at least tackle the customer care aspect of their job not only at their branches but at the corporate office. I spoke with someone who had such a limited vocabulary, a talking baby doll would have been better. It seemed like she was reading the same few phrases off of a coffee stained napkin that she just learned today on her lunch break. And again, no mention of compensation or effort for retention. US Bank corporate offices, wake up and tighten your ship. Educate yourselves how to run a successful business with happy, and satisfied customers. We give you your jobs.

    your own good, actually take a moment

  11. USBank charged me a $5 “dormant account” fee.

    This caused me to overdraft and I had no idea until the collection company called me about a $478.55 Bill

  12. To whom probably never reads this

    I was sent a cc-by a rep offering me better interest rate on a line of credit. I told the rep I didn’t want it and he stated ” well just don’t activate it ” Thus the card was left in the original envelope never to be activated because the account was used for overdraft and emergencies only. It was activated by the bank so be aware of cards you are sent and check your accounts because it can be activated without your knowledge sincerely FORMER U.S. BANK Customer of 38 years

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