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USPS is the USA’s Federal Postal Service (Post Office). They have been a part of American culture since the Pony Express Days. Their competitors include Fedex, UPS, and DHL.

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USPS and Hours
M-F – 8:00am-8:30pm ET
Sat – 8:00am-6:00pm ET
Sun/Holidays* – Closed
*Except Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Columbus Day, and Veteran’s Day with hours from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm ET

Tracking and Confirm Phone Number: 1-800-222-1811
Supply Order Phone Number: 1-800-610-8734
Passport Issues Call: 1-877-487-2778)
USPS Locations: 1-800-275-8777
Stamps Call: 1-800-782-6724
TTY: 1-877-889-2457


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USPS Customer Service
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  1. hi i’m letchumanan karuppan,

    I’m received several emails from – delivery notification, unfortunately I was unable to open the link. please forward me your email id so that I can forward my email for your assistance. I hope you can open the link on behalf of me and forward the shipping tracking number for my collection at post office.

    note: below is the email copy for your action

    To: l

    Subject: Delivery Notification


    Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2014 01:54:16 0200



    Your parcel has arrived at June 5th, 2014. Courier was unable to deliver the parcel to you.

    Print your label and show it in the nearest post office to get a parcel.

    Print Shipping Label

    Copyright 2014 USPS. All Rights Reserved.

  2. so much mad because of NY postal office. just called them and the lady on the line just started screaming at me for no reason and than refuse to give her name. and I am paying my taxes for that kind of service of state employee? plus it was a registered mail . …….

  3. The USPS in downtown Edmond, OK. normally has great customer service. Today was totally different ! I have never felt so demeaned by a USPS person in customer service ! Don’t go to Luis at this post office ! He will make you feel stupid, even for asking a simple question. I asked him if I should write Fragile on my boxes. He demeaningly said, “I toss it back there. If it breaks, it’s because you didn’t pack it well enough ! ” “Did you pack it well enough ?” I told him, ‘yes, I didn’t know. I was just asking. I guess things have changed. ” This attitude went on throughout the whole transaction ! I was dumb-founded and really didn’t know what to say. After he was done with my order, I kindly told him he has a demeaning tone and should listen to himself. He did then apologize, in a very matter-of-fact, insincere tone ! Then the lady in the stall next to him, said, “Well, he is tired.” I told her, “I am too and that’s no excuse !” He asked someone in line, right in front of me, “Am I rude ?” She shook her head NO ! He got my dander up, so I said, as I was walking out, “Well, one opinion doesn’t mean anything !” I was in a good mood, when I went in to this post office, and quickly turned into a sour mood ! I was so flustered, I don’t know if he posted my packages right ??? Hope so ! They are Mother’s Day presents !

  4. I was expecting a package internationally,, and had been tracking it everyday. Saturday July 19th, 2014 it says it ws delivered and signed for at time of delivery. The package was never signed for or dropped off. I have a tracking number I can provide upon your response. Please get back to me asap for some further assistance

  5. I have an undelivered item CF018548150US and have message said pick up by addressee. But there is no info and I could not find any contact or address in Hong Kong for USPS. Dont know what to do.

  6. I will never use the USPS again to ship fragile and perishable packages. The packages that I had sent to two different locations in Florida never arrived on time and paid for priority mail which has insurance if not received within 5 business days. One was held up in Philadelphia, PA for a period of 5 days before sent to Florida. By the time the package was received, the perishable items were full of mold and had to be thrown out. It was received ten business days later. Since your website was not working properly (as confirmed by one of your employees), the claim forms had to be mailed out took 2 weeks. I was paid for the one package but USPS refused to pay for the other two which were damaged. I had sent in appeals as directed with all of the pictures, receipts including the postal receipt, but apparently which was not good enough the 2nd time around. It cost me money to sent all of the information again & still would not reimburse me for the damaged packages. USPS keeps asking for original receipts, which I had sent twice. I am not sending in another appeal – IT IS A WASTE OF MY TIME AND MONEY. USPS should have made good on these packages which were insured. I am very disappointed and angry at their customer service and delivery service as well. Next time, I will pay the price difference to UPS which will guarantee delivery as specified. The priority mail which states your packages will be delivered within 2-3 business days is falsely represented as well as their insurance policies. I will never use USPS again for any packages. They need to put up or shut up!!!!

  7. Had a package goto five postal zip codes all around a hundred miles from me and this all started when it was dispatched from a large sort center that is one mile from my house, now the same dispatch center had my first class priority international shipment in hand one mile away and has now sent it to Indianapolis, I live in Milwaukee, what the hells wrong with this system? 3/20/2016

  8. May I have usps contact no in malaysia?

    May I have usps contact no in malaysia? Which courier company will take over after my percell arrived at malaysia custom?

    My tracking number is EC206137603US

  9. For all those of you out there who send international packages by First Class Mail International, Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes, or Priority Mail International Small Box keep this in mind. Packages using these classes WILL NOT BE tracked because additional services, i.e., insurance if available, registered, have not been purchased. Many clerks who tell you the number on your customs label is both misinformed and is misinforming you. These classed are the most economical way to send something internationally–that’s why they aren’t tracked.

    Also, keep in mind that most foreign countries do not provide tracking information to the USPS. In the case of the above mentioned services, they are not required to–nor does the USPS provide that information to them.

    By the way, most customs numbers begin with the letter L: Lx123456789cn where x = a letter many times C, K, N, Z

    If you want to make sure you get what you paid for, don’t buy in China because those shippers generally send things by First Class Mail International.

    The USPS doesn’t track these classes. I don’t know why someone would think that first class international would be tracked just because it’s going to a foreign country when it is well known that first class mail isn’t tracked in the U.S. either.

    You want outstanding service, you get that but sometimes it will cost you.

  10. if I can ever help it I will never use USPS for shipping packages they need to stay just in the mail business. Tracking what that. it stops after 2nd stuff was on the other side of the country. customer service cant get a person to talk to you. maybe if you could sit on the phone for a hr or longer you might get to talk to someone i don’t know I gave up. so any way I gave up after 2 1/2 WEEKS. called the people back they said they would resend it. I told them I would pay the extra to just send it UPS NOT USPS U.P.S. AFTER TALKING TO OTHERS THAT HAS THIS SAME PROBLEM.

  11. I live in Round O SC 29474. There was no delivery or pick up today and the roads to my house were clear of water after the bad rains which did cause some flooding so no mail recieved on 12/24/15. They just did not come on 12/26/15! This has happened before On a Saturday. Who can I lodge a formal complaint with! I had mail I needed picked up which was not. The post office does not have sufficient hours in my area for me to pick up mail and go to send. Do I contact the federal government to lodge a complaint? Please reply to this email.

  12. I stopped in the USPS to mail a few packages. Debra @ Loris, S.C. Post office was the clerk I approached. She never spoke a word as a greeting and was extremely rude thruout my entire transaction. I will continue my complaint to higher authorities outside of the local branch.

  13. Lake Forest / El Toro, CA. Counter employees could not answer a media mail package question, so after a minute one just said that media mail was for educational materials only. Then Janette said CDs were not sound recordings and that the bands names on the CD was advertising. The Lake Forest Post Office is the only place were the truly stupid get to be management.

  14. I would like to file a complaint against the post office of Suitland, MD. I have concerns regarding your policies as well. One of the employees at the Suitland office has informed me that the USPS just leave your packages outside the door whether they have a signature or not. A long time ago, when someone wasn’t available to accept the package directly, you would leave a notice on the door and return the package back to the office where you would go to claim it. Now, you simply just leave the packages outside the doors which results in packages being stolen. This is definitely an issue when you live in an apartment complex and people do not hesitate to just swipe whatever is left outside your door. We’ve lost numerous packages this way. I just wanted to see if this policy was true and even though I wrote a letter stating I didn’t want any of my packages left outside my door if I’m unavailable, the mailwoman still leaves them outside our door. My parents have their medicine sent through the mail and I occasionally purchase items online. However, I’m used to my packages coming through UPS or Fedex so finding out it was coming through USPS was quite concerning, especially since December of 2014, I never received my package and had to contact the seller in order to get a replacement sent out due to negligence on your behalf. If you simply didn’t allow your employees to just leave your packages wherever, you wouldn’t be receiving multiple complaints revolving around this critical issue. Fast service doesn’t mean good service. And quite frankly, we never really had this big of a problem with our last mailgirl. She at least would wait and knock for a good minute to see if anyone would answer. This new one simply does a quick knock, leaves the package outside the door whether you’re answer the door or not and by the time you open it, she’s gone. Sad thing is, she knows she’s not suppose to be leaving the packages outside our door but continues to do it regardless. She admitted this herself to my father when he caught her about to leave the building. I wanted to let you know how the Suitland office operates, especially since when you call that particular office in general, you either can’t get through because it dial tones for some strange reason or you get someone on the line who is very unprofessional. If this new policy the employee told me about is true, you may want to change it back to how it was in the beginning because this is not good customer service, just leaving packages unattended outside people’s homes. This is why people will be wondering why their packages (if they were able to track it) say delivered, but clearly, they never received it. A package can’t be considered delivered if it never was never given directly to the person. And since I order things off amazon, I unfortunately cannot change who the seller uses for a carrier cause if I could, I definitely would not allow USPS to be delivering my packages. As harsh as it may seems, you guys can’t exactly be trusted if you just casually leave packages unattended outside of people’s residences. At least the other carriers leave a notice on the door if you weren’t able to receive it directly.

  15. My Tracking #: CJ426181650US

    Comments: Addressee not available. Addressee advised to pick up item.

    How and where can I pick-up my parcel. Pls advise.

    Thank you.





  17. I mailed certified 3 identical letters at the same address but different persons. Two arrived, but the third one as of today “still in transit”. I assume since today is January 16,2015 this will never arrive, it juts vanished, most likely stolen. It was a gift card inside. Projected time to arrive January 12,2015

    Not able to speak to anyone accept the automated machine, who cannot tell me anything other than I already know.

  18. I’m from malaysia.

    Am still awaiting for my parcel, Track number CV038344544US

    Also when tracking , no updates are available. Held in malaysia custom for 1 week~

    So annoying !!!!! I call the number all is not in service ?? what can i do ????

  19. Hello I have been expecting a package internationally for a month. Ive been checking my tracking online and it said that it was attempted on October 9 (but wasn’t because I was there at the time of delivery), but a second attempt hasn’t been made. I checked my tracking again and it said that it was cleared through customs. My package was expected to arrive earlier this month, but I have not gotten it yet. The number for the customer service line for China is not in service, so I’m not sure what to do. The tracking is CJ443437505US please help.


  20. I paid 6 months rent for a mail box at Phoenix postal store in atlanta Georgia POB 2214 and my mail is not being delivered into my box by the postal service. My mail is being lost or stolen by the postal service. Can you please make this correction before I sue the state of Georgia postal services

  21. The USPS needs more qualified competition! Calling to request a pick-up with return label is not possible with the assistance of your automated service. It is no wonder that the Springfield, MO service is being moved to some other location. Are you sure KCMO is the right location??

  22. Hi,

    Am still awaiting for my parcel, Track number EC570601822US.

    Wow it takes so much time and above all it is expensive.

    Also when tracking , no updates are available.

    So irritating.

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