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Vanity Fair covers world affairs, entertainment, business, fashion, and society, Vanity Fair is a cultural icon that facilitates discussion around the world.

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11 Replies to “Vanity Fair Magazine”

  1. Can I have the perfumed pages removed from the magazine before it is mailed to me? I am allergic to scents and the scents cause burning eyes and headaches to me,

  2. I got my latest issue with a note it was my last issue. No $$ amount was included on postcard. I went online to their cust service and sent the message twice, but it didn’t go through. I finally found a phone number, called it, and learned that my subscription is good until March, 2017. Happy somebody finally solved my problem. I love the mag, especially Gradon’s feud with The Donald, and don’t want to miss an issue.

  3. I , too am receiving this pathetic magazine. I did not subscribe to it and wonder how it has gone through my credit card without my authority. It is nothing more than ads and has a most liberal slant. I don’t appreciate and do not want it.

  4. Paid$24.75 re your offer of Professional Discount Saving on June 27th, 2016. My cheque was cashed by your



  5. I can order Vanity Fair for $15.00 for 12 issues thru the Internet. Why do I have to pay $24.00 for 12 issues if I order directly from the subscription service? B Barlow

  6. grhhhhhhhh. someone gave me a gift of 12 months subscription not knowing mine had not quite finished. now have emailed twice to let them know not to overlap. keeping getting an automated response and will probably get two VF’s next month. now I know why people complain. can’t they just read the bloody emails and respond? is redirection the way to save on staff? VV no. 005000107474. rhonda

  7. Dear Vanity Fair

    You sent me a letter saying my subscription would be automatically renewed each year and gave the current card w/last 4 digits that would be used. That card is no longer valid. I tried calling the number you gave on the letter

    1-800-365-0635 which allowed yes or no answers and I could never get to someone to change my info.

    What’s the point of your letter? I really want to continue getting Vanity Fair. Just tell me how?!?


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