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  1. I have a Vera Bradley Bola bag(guess thats how its spelled) which I love,but really needed to be washed.I followed the instructions,the bottom lining stitching must have come undone because most of the padding that was in the bottom of the bag ended up as lint on the other things that were in the washing machine.I had on big mess.Also bottom of bag is all lumpy now.

  2. Vera Bradley Designs, Inc–I am missing a strap in Cocoa Moss on my All in One Crossbody wallet. I was told by customer service that they have no extra “parts” to replace. It is not functional without it. The tag is still on it so don’t believe it to be second hand. This should be placed in a separate area at outlet sales reducing it even more if something is missing, not in with the regular discounted price. I’m really upset with NO customer service follow up.

  3. Vera Bradley Designs Inc.–I drove 2 1/2 hours to your outlet sale at Fort Wayne, Indiana to buy an All in One Crossbody. I was thrilled to find one in Cocoa Moss. when I got it home, there was no strap–I called customer service to find it could be second hand(still had tag on it)but they cannot send me a strap as they have no extra accessories. I was livid!!! I have been a faithful Vera Bradley fan for 25 years with so many of your products, and I can’t have a strap to make my purchase usable!? Usually with these type of wallets and purses, the strap is in the zipper compartment–well, guess what, it wasn’t. If you have items of this kind, it should be placed in a total different area than the ones that are fine with a lesser price, not in with the ones that are fine. I paid $31.99 for a wallet to wear across my body but now can’t, because it has no strap. I bought other items also but if your customer service operates this way, I will not return again and will be spreading the word and will be calling the Better Business Bureau–how ridiculous!!

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