Verizon Repair


Request Verizon repair or check repair status call:
Phone Service: 1-800-837-4966
Internet Service: 1-800-567-6789
FIOS, Internet, TV & Phone: 1-800-837-4966
Landline: 1-800-837-4966
Customers With Disabilities Voice and TTY: 1-800-974-6006

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  1. Verizon Terrible service. Was promised window between 1-5 to correct two lines in our home. One with no dial tone and one with static. I received a text message 4 hours ago telling me they were going to be here between 3:30-4:30PM. It is now 7:30PM and no one showed up.

    I contact repair service by phone and was told they work until 9:00PM. That is fine but don’t tell customer

    service will be done within a 4 hour window.

    I wish I could find another company that will offer a triple play when I decide to change over. I donot want to use

    Verizon – not a good company.

  2. Service from Verizon isnt what it use to be. Poor old folks that live alone takes forever to fix their phones. So they go without service for days. Whats up with this

  3. I called for help and was told that I would have someone come and check phone 7 days from today. I have no dial tone, can’t receive or make calls. I live out in the country and to use my cell phone I have to go out side about 500 feet. What do I do if I have a fire, or someone breaks in? My cell phone is no use in the house. I used to work for a telephone company, and, we would never treat our customers like Verizon. I am in a very dangerous situation. The closest neighbor is 1/2 mile away.

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  5. Verizon has worst repair service ever. Waited for repair man who never showed up. Landline phone repair near non existent. Wish they would get their act together

  6. 6-24-14. No one home. Service on this number does NOT work. What does one have to do in order to receive service from Verizon?



    I’m mARRIED,,,

    please fix fast.

    PLEASE focus on rapid repair.

    Thanks, Nick Mydra and Bonnie Beck O’Brien

  8. There a Verizon wire crossing several yards it is above ground.If is not remove by the weekend it will be cut by a lawn mower It is located between 7 and 15 Perryoak Place Nottingham, Md.212236

  9. i have a new verizon account and so far the phone still isnt working. i have called twice, first it could call out but not inand it was supposed to be fixed by 11pm on the 27th . then i come home from work on the 28 and i have nothing. no dial tone and if you call in you get a busy signal. sometimes static. i called again and they told me to disconnect for 5 minutes and it would work. not. a new service, shouldnt a tech. come out and check it on the first day. we paid for a new hook up. what gives

  10. verizon is the worst co. for cust service. they put u off for days for repairs,don,t advise cust of any updates,people in phippennes don,t have a clue whats going on.our security gates don,t work.this is an area problem,nobody has dial tones.when we call in for static on line verizon says its to costly to reconductor the lines in our area,they do every where else but here, even the employees in the field say they hate their mad to go on.

  11. Came home from work on 8/21/14 phone was working, picke dup the phone about two hours later to make a call. Phone line was dead, no dial tone, nothing. Called Verizon and didn’t get a person, never got a person had to push different buttons for what I was calling about. AND then to top it off they can’t get a repairman out until three days later. They are constantly sending me thigns in the mail and calling about changing over to FIOS, I DON’T WANT FIOS because of all the issues people I know have told me about having it. IF interrupting my service is a way of Verizon trying to push me into getting FIOS, they are sadly mistaken, I will go with another carrier first. ANd I would like the days that I don’t have service deducted from my next bill. Verizon is consistently going down hill.

  12. My mother was having phone trouble, I called and spoke with a man named Warren. He was very helpful and very pleasant. A very wonderful man.

  13. I have 2 Verizon land lines. One of them, for some reason, is very vulnerable to outages. The last time someone finally showed up (takes about 5 days) to make the repair, he informed me that unless I converted to FIOS, I would continue having these problems. I reluctantly agreed (a 6 hour appointment commitment). The phone technician, in my presence, put through a call and an appointment was set up for April 27, 2014, to transfer my land lines to FIOS.

    I cut my visit to my grandchildren by one day in order to be home on the day of the scheduled appointment. When no one showed up by 10 A.M. on the 27th, I called Verizon. They told me that they had no record of the appointment, and that I would have to reschedule. I told them, “no thanks, I have better things to do with my time.”

    The next time my phone line experiences and outage, I will switch from Verizon to my cable provider.

  14. I have no phone service at home on our landline. We had a storm last night and the phones have been out since. We don’t have cell phones and are not able to contact you any other way. Where I work all the phones are also out.Our phone # is 570. Please have someone contact us asap as my husband has a disability and may need the phone service. Thank you.

  15. Everytime it rains phone problems. Has been this way for over a year. If they would trim limbs it would not rub the lines and break cable. Just called and they hung up when I asked for a supervisor. So much talking and laughing in background there I could hardly hear the man. Let alone trying to understand a foreigner.

  16. The technician, Butch, was scheduled to repair our phone line between 11 & 3. He was here very shortly after 11. I was contacted to remind me of the technician coming & received several calls during the process. After repairing the problem, the technician called to let me know what was wrong and that it was repaired. He was very pleasant to talk with and answered questions in a professional manner. No further issues with phone so far.

  17. I am very upset, I have been without telephone service and internet service for the month of December.

    I was told that the service will be repaired within 48 hours, The 48 hours has passed and I still do not have service.

    I was told the problems were in the street and it would be corrected in 48 hours and nothing has been done,

  18. verizon advertises and sells High Speed Internet. This is a fraud; verizon provides Snail Paced Internet Service recently down graded to a MAXIMUM of 1.5 Mbps with an average below 0.5 Mbps and frequent loss of signal.

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