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  1. Unable to successfully contact Verizon to set up an account to have Verizon telephone service in my home. Want to cancel my existing telephone service with Comcast.

  2. I cannot reach anyone via cell phone or at 2 Verizon stores to tell them I have no phone , tv or WIFI service for 3 days. What if there is an emergency or fire. I am elderly and think this is dangerous

  3. Not sure how to go viral about Verizon’s refusal to honor a quote, in writing, from one of THEIR representatives! I was going to change companies, but then, I got a great rep who pointed out that I have $65.00 worth of incentives that Verizon has not been applying to my account. Then she gave me a $20.00 credit good through June 2017 in addition to all my other ones. I have all of this in writing and Verizon is saying they will NOT honor this, yet they did last month (October) so they know they are obligated to give the quoted price. I asked this evening, to speak with a supervisor in the U.S. and was denied and hung up on. The supervisor and all reps I spoke with this evening , were from the Phillippines!!! Someone needs to know about this and if you know how I can make this go viral, please let me know…thanks

  4. On a bright shiny day, 40 degrees and hardly any wind we loose phone service in the middle of a long distance call. What’s up with that? And to top it all off, the Verizon reporting system is absolutely no help.

  5. My account is on “Suspend Service” until May when I will return to the north. When someone calls my home number, they are told that my service is disconnected without any further information given. They should be told to call my Verizon cell phone number. MY confirmation number

  6. Just had FIOS installed. Some features not working and can no longer access my online Verizon account. Have talked with 4 different people (2 customer service, 2 technical support). All professed to want to help but never heard back from any of them. Disgrace.

  7. you have the worst customer service department on the planet. I just switched to an FIOS bundle last week…..and can

    not get into my voice mail to retrieve my messages. I need a code. No one ever mentioned that. Who issued me

    the code AND WHAT IS IT?

  8. I can not access my voicemail. I had no trouble before but it suddenly stopped. I hate verizon. I will be switching back to another internet provider asap. Your customer relations is horrible

  9. Verizon needs to stop outsourcing customer service. Cant understand what’s being said and they don’t understand either. FRUSTRATING,

  10. I am trying to determine why my monthly bill increased this month from the amount that was automatically charged for some years. I can’t seem to find a human to ask a simple question. Was this a mistake or an unannounced rate increase?

  11. The service tech repaired the line that the gas company damaged when it install a gas line. The gas company didn’t call “Miss Utility”, VA before digging. The service tech said that I would be billed. Can this charge be to the gas company?

  12. Verizon tech showed up to install my fios tv and cable

    he said he was going to the store for something and never came back! How rude

  13. Changed verizon services. Dropped internet service and changed telephone service. Was supposed to be affective today, and I have lost all telephone connection. Help..

  14. my home phone in the house, my phone no working, I can not call any one ,please come fixed tomorrow ,thank you

    myphone number

  15. Customer service is very complicated to reach via the Verizon website. I tried to get a pinn number to change my password via my home phone was never called. I haven’t been able to get into my account for about two and a half weeks. Even the 2 step verification isn’t working properly. What is the problem?


    I am 78 and need phone for emergency health issues.

  17. Wasn’t connected in a minute but it was less than 5 which with Verizon is usually 40. I fn hate Verizon . They suck crap. Cancelled my services . That dealt great.

  18. I have no dial tone. I need the phone because I am 74 and have health issues. I have tried

    reaching Verizon and cannot ge through. Why?

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