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  1. I love your products ,I used a charge card my daughter bought at wal mart, as I do not have a credit card ,I have excellent credit but I do not choose to order with my debit card, can I pay by. Check. And order over the phone.?

  2. Horrible webpage. I’ve tried for hours to submit an order. After finally getting through it tells me so dumb things like, this is not in a state that can properly accommodate your request. Hell, I’m in California, not a foreign country!

  3. I order 24 steaz only got 21. & one is empty

    Can I have a replace for the empty one. Please

    Loma Caracciolo

  4. Any company doing business with the public SHOULD provide a customer service number and have it in writing in their invoices. Unfortunately too many do not avail their customers of this which I find deficient enough for me to no longer do business with any company usibg this practice of seek & hide.

    I too am a custoner of Vitacost. I get tired of having to search long and hard for their phone number.

    When I find it however they always do make things right in either refunding me for breakage of poorly packed items ( which has happened several times). They really NEED to pack things better!!

    I received another large order from then just yesterday at my P.O. Box and the postmaster had to hand it to me himself repeating what he told me last order that he personally had to retape the entire bix again with USPS tape because it was falling apart!!! And it WAS!

    Last shipment same problem. I have several leaking items and punctured items. Now I need to contact custoner service again to infirm AND this tine an going to tell them IF they cannot learn to pack properly by time I order next that my post office has refused to any longer accept packages for delivery whether it be to my house it postal box. Because it creates such a mess for them to clean up.

  5. Each time I speak on the phone with a customer service rep at Vita Cost I am impressed with the person’s pleasant demeanor and helpful attitude. Today was a bit less so but generally I’m 100 per cent pleased.

  6. I tried to place an order for $150 but it wouldn’t take my C.C. and now I can’t get through on the phone….Guess you don’t want my service…..

  7. I was about to call the company for detailed information like, do your products contain GMO ingredients, where are the ingredients from, where are the ingredients processed and packaged. BUT, NO PHONE NUMBER. There’s a reason for that !!!!


    I’ll go to Swanson, or Stop Aging Now, or Dr. Mercola. Lot’s of competition out there.

  8. I guess I’ve been lucky since I’ve always gotten a hold of the customer phone service with no problems. Since my computer is acting up, it won’t let me order online. I just ordered online with customer service and had no problems. Hopefully, I will get this order when stated. If not, I will have to amend my review. However, last year I called customer service and told then one of my products melted and I was sent a new product that was perfect. So far, I am happy with their customer service.

  9. I’ve been using Vitacost for YEARS and I never have a problem with this company! Anything that isn’t right, they promptly replace it, refund me or both.

    Cust. Svc. is excellent; I will not do business with a company which doesn’t do right by their customers. I, too, am in customer service so I know what’s what.

    Thank you Vitacost, you’re the best!

  10. Reference is made to my order number 603313197. As the package was in transit I had written to complain that I had found the same product for considerably less money at a Whole Foods Store. The package arrived today I have to admit that I made a huge mistake in that the quantity that I did order was 50% more quantity then I thought that I had ordered. I then went back to your web page to again check the prices and I discovered that I was totally wrong and for that I apologize. Your prices were much less for the exact same product and quantity.

    Hoping that you will accept my apology,

    Respectfully submitted,

    Richard Hahn

    Chicago, IL

  11. Tried to place an order late at night and it would not go to check out. By the time I ordered the next day the promo code I had was expired, tried to cancel my order and waited for customer service too long, so it was more than 15 minutes and I could not cancel. Don’t know if I’ll order anything again.

  12. I love your products ,I used a charge card my daughter bought at wal mart, as I do not have a credit card ,I have excellent credit but I do not choose to order with my debit card, can I pay by. Check. And order over the phone.?

  13. I ordered a huge 2.5 pound weight protein powder and discovered on arrival it had a component I don’t use as it is a possible carcinogen.

    After a nine minute wait on the telephone, early on the day after a National Holiday, a super-pleasant woman said Vitacost would waive my returning the item one time to save shipping costs and would refund the cost to my credit card within 3-4 days. (The site description may even have included the ingredient and I may have missed it.)

    I find their service and most products to be superb. For example, their own brand is the only melatonin that works for me after years of trying various brands..

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