Vitamix Corporate Office Headquarters
Household Division
8615 Usher Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44138 USA
USA and Canada Phone Number: 1-800-848-2649
UK: 0808 156 6633
Ireland: 0766 709854
Germany: 069 257385870

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2 Replies to “Vitamix”

  1. I have your 16ct Genius Blend and your 16c Green Tea and either or both are upsetting my system.
    Do you have a Return policy? I want to return both. I have used 3 of each and the rest in intact.
    Please advise.

    Order VC-335759

  2. I purchased my Vitamix from Cosco and when I hit the road, that is the only appliance I am taking in my R.V. However a few months ago, I was having problems with the cup and the blender blades not being tight. I was asked to send the cups and the base to Windsor which I did. Since return, the cup/blender works well, but the MOTOR BASE DOES NOT. I do not know if the base was replaced, but the one I got back is much nosier and it does not make hot soups, etc. Could someone please call me?

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