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Vodafone is Ireland’s leading total communications provider with over 2.35 million mobile and fixed subscribers.

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  1. Vodafone phoned me in August 2014 inviting me to renew my contract with them for another year. I was told there would be no changes to the terms of the contract. The original deal with them was unlimited anytime calls to UK or Ireland landlines, 100 mins to Irish (08x) mobiles, 100 minutes to 23 international landlines and 100 minutes to 3 nominated Irish (08x) Vodafone numbers. I received a letter from them on 14 August confirming renewal of contract. There was no mention (or even a hint!) that I should check the small print in the original contract. I don’t abuse the service with huge downloads and lots of time on the phone. In fact I never came near the limits they set in the original contract. I was very surprised to find I was charged for a short call to a Spanish landline in March 2015, and again charged for further calls to Spanish landlines in April. After an awful long time I got through to a human who patiently explained to me the terms of my contract and that Spain was not included in the package of international landlines. I couldn’t check this immediately at the time, but when I looked up their terms and conditions, I see that Spanish landlines are, in fact, included in the package. The person who answered the phone obviously had not been given the opportunity of reading through the details of the contract that Vodafone uses for every transaction with landline customers! I’ve written to Vodafone today (1th June 2015) and await their response.

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