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2 Replies to “Volusion”

  1. As stated above, horrible company. Was with them over a year. Their main concern is taking your money and they will continue to do so even after you’ve canceled your account. Your better off canceling your bank account because they won’t quit. Do research on this company, horrible reputation. I wish I had

  2. Worst customer service(online-phone) worst user friendlienes website, not streamlined, unatainable, unavailable, too expensive, fraudulent, incredible hassle to get a hold of to accomplish anything or make necessary changes. Not worth it. Cancelled cc service for website (through volusion) in favor of PayPal, even went as far as cancelling through authorize.net (their provider) got written confirmation of serv. Canc. From both…. 2 months later they are still charging my accounts $60 /month. Livid. Cancelling my website with them taking domain elsewhere. Mj-steel.com

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