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  1. I took my car in with a transmission problem and my warranty company sent one in, and when I picked it up the car leaned on one side, the wheel vibrated and the technician said you might need another transmission. I had a rattling in my dashboard that sounded like the glass was going to come out. When I spoke with them they said buy a new dash after their technician did something to make it rattle. Imagine replace a perfectly good dash because they did something to make it rattle…..they want money and labor….car is basically a junker now but I have new transmission, 2 new door regulators etc…rattling down the road.

  2. “Volvo. ANOTHER over engineered POS. Need a key? Minimum $110 JUST FOR THE PROGRAMMING. AND my local (Tempe, AZ.) dealer DOESN’T EVEN HAVE THE MACHINE TO CUT THE KEYS. What a bunch of BULL. At least it’s not a Mercedes or BMW or Volkswagen or Lexus or Infinity or Chevrolet. Same junk with all the electronics. Hackers can steal the car quicker than you can get in with your own keys.

    Guess I’ll start driving my 1962 Studebaker. New cars are ALL JUNK.

  3. I bought A 2010 S40 FROM Ocala Volvo I have not ever made the first payment when my car stop dead on the highway,I call the dealer and was told that was my problem if I have it tow in they would look at it for a 180.00

    dollars. So I call the Volvo corp office they tell me the problem was between me and my dealer and there was nothing they can do so here I sit with a dead car and no money to fix it.THE PEOPLE that work for Volvo were the nasty people I ever had to deal with , I will never own a Volvo again it a piece of junk and their customer service suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. I have a 2009 S80 Volvo. It has served me well. However, I cannot get the car serviced properly in the town I live in, which is Greenville NC, 27834. WE have all the major dealerships in Greenville NC. The Volvo dealer in New Bern NC has a dealership here they sell Acura, VW, etc. This dealer is missing a real opportunity here.

  5. I own a 2007 “R” (halo) model. It’s got GREAT seats and brakes; there is much to try to love about the car.

    However, the computer-controlled suspension is not just a nightmare; it is a torture device! (it floats like a butterfly but then, without warning, stings like a bee… over time, through the haze, it becomes clear that this is not just painful, but injurious)

    Volvo refuses to acknowledge the situation. I think they are aware of the tremendous liability associated with their (and Monroe/Tenneco’s) technological blunder. My calls were ignored. My registered letter went unanswered. (At one point, I was told to “just be patient” because “we forwarded your letter to Sweden, and Europeans get 3-month summer vacations”!!!)

    Eventually the phone representatives began just hanging up on me, so afraid is Volvo of acknowledging the situation and facing the consequences of having ripped off and injured tens of thousands of innocent unsuspecting paying customers.

    Now, [only] when I call from my phone, the 800# just rings and rings and rings and rings and then stops ringing!

    Volvo are incompetent corrupt cowardly lying fraudsters who cannot be trusted to behave honorably or even legally (there are other issues with the car, too … VW’s diesel emissions scandal was caused by dishonesty, Volvo’s emissions scandal in the R models — they have excessive emissions when not driven at sea level! — is caused by incompetence plus apathy. Which is worse????)

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