Vonage Customer Service is available by telephone at the number listed. Vonage is a VOIP telephone provider. VOIP provides a low cost telephone service using your internet connection.

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  1. “I am sure the Webmaster wont approve this comment !!! but that’s ok Facebook is a social media they cant control!

    I am VERY Dissatisfied with Vonage’s bait and switch, then they tell you your total will be a certain amount each month. then excuses as to how fees are going up after 2 months???? Smells like BS to me!!!!!

    I will be on other sites and make sure others stay far far away from your trap!!! I will also be contacting the state attorney generals office and BBB to report your sneaky and fraudulent policies!!!!

    DO NOT ORDER SERVICE FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! You will be sorry!!!!! “

  2. “You better hope your service doesn’t go out. I spent 4 hours with tech service today and got totally

    frustrated. I spoke with 4 different folks who had contrary actions. Finally 4 hours later they called to

    tell me it was fixed .The first call I made went dead after about 2 minutes.

    So I wasted my day -took 4 hours of my cell time I lost and am really made at my treatment working

    with people not easy to understand.”

  3. I believe there is a defect in the vonage adapter we received. After not being able to connect it I have been on-line chat twice. First of all I was cut off several times. I followed their directions with no results. Not at any point has the internet light come on. This is after about 10 to 12 attempts. I would like to return it and try another one. We really need our home phone working.

  4. The absolute worst connection and service we have ever encountered. We have fought them for three months to no avail. No one can understand us when they call. After spending hours on the cell phone trying to get it straightened out we finally cancelled our service. They better not charge us a cancellation fee or we will report them to the FCC. Don’t waste your money.

  5. I had a problem with incoming calls. Got thru quickly to a live tech, Rahul, who did impressive and intense troubleshooting and finally solved the problem! Excellent service! 🙂

  6. Vonage should be out of business no one should every use them again. I can not make phone calls they will not go out. when I get incoming calls people can not understand me. when I call tech support they tell me to up my speed and that it is the internet companies problem. They don’t want to help horrible company

  7. The phone service is awful! Dropped calls, very bad signal! You can hear every other word if you at lucky! It interferes with the Internet. AND when you try to cancel, they say they will cancel and then they don’t and they charge your doe service again!!!!! Very bad customer service!!

  8. Terrible NON existent customer service-they will call back in the order of which the call came it-I called last evening/this morning and now-NO return call-IS this a real company? We have 3 VONAGE lines that are down-JOKE

  9. Everyone is right. Vonage is very disappointing service. I signed up to get internet and phone. From the first day I could not get the internet to work. They sent me equipment and I followed their instructions from the tech support. I was on the phone with them for hours. After the 4th day trying to get everything hooked up the tech support person said something was wrong on my end. So I said ok cancel my service. I sent all the equipment back to Vonage and called to make sure they had received all their equipment back. They said yes everything was fine all equipment had been returned. Starting the end of last month a collection agency has been calling us. I told them we will dispute this. My point is please dostuffent everything if you deal with Vonage. That was our mistake. Can’t just let someone tell you that everything is fine.

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