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  1. These people are morons. I’m not a racist but they have people operating the phones that don’t even speak clear English. My old information is locked into their system so I can’t view my w2 nor can these morons even help me because their system has security questions about previous address… I’ve moved numerous times and gave them my addresses and still nothing. W2 express is the worst thing anyone should ever have to go through. they need to go out of business their all morons. even the supervisor has no override authorities and also is a moron probably can’t tell where her rump is from her face. Worst experience in trying to get visual on my w2 omg I’m literally having a good time bashing them right now due to the horrible experience I am having. Who the eff made your system this is worse then when Obamacare health website first came out. The creator of this site should be fired and lose every penny he has ever made after creating this program. If I could sue him for this I totally would this is supposed to be a professional system and they can’t even speak English… we are in America…good lord. And I’m not someone that would sue a company for coffee spilling in my lap like some people have is not like that. but this … this is way my different. Yall suck. Your garbage and your making everyone else miserable that’s having any login issues. Anyone else that got access easy to their w2 congratulations. no one will be able to find me after this comment I’m leaving because I have decided to jump off a bridge face first with a cement block tied to my head with a note on my shirt saying do not work for anyone that uses w2express for their w2’s you will never get it….off to the bridge I go so long crap country w2express your a piece of crap.

  2. Lousy customer service. on hold 30 minutes at the time of this email. Still have not been able to talk to someone.

  3. I would like to talk to some one in person about my w2 I would like them to mail it to me but I cant speak to any would you please give me a phone so I could talk to some live

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