Wachovia is now part of Wells Fargo.
Together, we?re one of North America?s largest and most diverse financial services companies with a legendary reputation for strength and stability, offering more convenience and resources to help you reach your financial goals.

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3 Replies to “Wachovia”

  1. “This is a horrible bank. I closed all but one of my accounts yesterday, and the only reason I didn’t close the last one was because they wanted to charge me a $25 fee, go figure.

    My wife who is 7 1/2 months pregnant, and hypogloximic (however you spell it) works for the San Antonio branch. Last week they pulled her chair, and wont allow her to sit down forcing her to get a doctors note saying she needed it. When she took the note in, they still said it was an accomidation, and not medically nessisary, even though the medical note said it was.

    My wife could probably get in trouble for me writing this, but seeing as I’m her husband, and I’m writting this, if she gets one word said to her about it, it’s just another thing for our lawyer to look at. “

  2. When having a problem with your on line services—some type of notice to customers would be helpful—so that they know to check later–to see if problem is solved-otherwise it is very frustrating to ther customer

  3. ok so listen to this tim i just got with wachovia bank n i lost alot of money i dont know where it went to for real it was there now it gone i called customer service atleast 20 times i called my bank i went to my bank they pulled up my accound and seen i didnt take the money out but money is gone out of my account they said they cant seem to find my money or where it went to n they was sups to credit me back all the money that is missin and still they havent done it yet now aint they susp to ? i always thought if you cant find where the money went to but it gone and theres nothin on the computer or in there computer at the bank they have to credit it back in stead another 350 is missin what am i to do please help

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