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  1. Hello! My name is Jarvis Hardin of Memphis, Tn. I am nearly 30-year-old African American male. I visited family there in Richwood, Kentucky, and stopped to get some grub at the Waffle House off of Interstate 75. Hospitality really sucks, really bad! The reason being is because one of the employees by the name of Stephanie significant other got rowdy towards me and began slandering and discriminating against me calling me a n***er, and basically ruined! People don’t have enough decency to do away with negativity! It really made me not feel welcome by Waffle House and its employees! It a disgusting to be treated so unkind for no apparent reason! The store number is #803 and the managers name that night was Kelly. She did what she could after the fact to calm the situation and was very generous. My feelings are hurt because I have no acquaintance of any of the employees at that particular Waffle House. Company rating is terrible due to the encounter with that gentleman.

  2. My wife and I eat at the waffle house at Destin right near the Destin bridge across from the Harbor Docks-Dewey Destin I am not giving a complaint I just want you too know that is the best Waffle House the servers Vicky and Paula are the best they are a great team and the Manager Han always cooks great food and the store is always super clean these girls makes people like us keep going back.

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