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  1. My experience for the past three days has been a different explanation every time I call. From it may take two business days to it has been sent and my bank is at fault. I’m very aggravated because I need MY money.

  2. I have submitted claims 3 times and have yet to receive a payment. The first time I was told that one sheet was missing. The last time I called they told me that the HIPPA form that my husband had signed that allowed me to discuss the account was not legible. That was not mentioned the last time I called there. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and was on hold for 20 minutes and finally hung up. I have now mailed the claims in and will see if anything happens this time. In the meantime, paying out of pocket and interest on outstanding medical bills.

  3. I spoke to Katy at Wageworks and she was wonderful! She explained fully the process of my concerns regarding my account and she was courteous throughout. Thank you, Katy!

  4. I cannot reset a password and be able to click into my deceased husbands HRA ACCT. He was an employee of GKN. I get email from WageWorks, but I cannot reach them myself through email. I need to set up a new account that reconizes my

  5. Not sure what type of account you have with Wageworks, however I can tell you that if it is an FSA premiums are not a qualified expense per the IRS. The only premiums that are covered are if you have an HSA/HRA and it is for long term care insurance and Cobra. The HSA also allows for premiums for any health plan maintained while on unemployment or for those over 65 wether they are entitled to Medicare or not.

  6. It should not take 2 months to correct an issue on their end. Even when all dostuffentation is on point, and receipts are provided…it should not take 2 weeks for a reimbursement when you already have my money…that’s a full paycheck and it’s non-professional and extremely rude.

    I strongly suggest you all consider sharing your frustration in written form to your HR specialists and any suggestion boxes–rather than just here. Either WageWorks should fix these customer service and service issues, or they should lose the business of the organizations that are just accepting the lowest bid.

  7. Truthfully, the company should have a negative rating because it has such poor customer service.

    I have submitted the requested information on numerous occasions both mailed and faxed, and am still being harrassed for a payment that was made at the time of service.

    This company is horrible!!!

  8. OMG I just ready most and scanned others of the comments. I agree with ALL. This is the most terrible company to deal with. Next week when I go into work I plan to go to HR and discuss my problems – that have been ongoing but have just gotten worse today. This is the most user unfriendly web-site. Cannot contact them. I hope the state of Michigan will cease using them as the managers of our FB’s

  9. Let’s see…. incompetent, no service even after payments are made, total dissatisfaction with every single aspect

    of the transactions. We’ve had to cancel procedures because authorization was impossible to get ahead of time

    and was told by an EMPLOYEE that disputes are rarely settled favorably for the customer. It seems like this farce of a health care related company. They should be held liable for their worthless service and problems. Other than that, great! Avoid if at all possible.

  10. keep getting different answers depending on who I speak to. Trying to retrieve your own funds should not be this difficult.I still cannot find out why I lose it if I don’t use it. There should be a rollover option, or refund and tax what I did not use.2015 was the last year I will use this flawed benefit.

  11. WAGEWORKS is the most NON-customer oriented company I have ever dealt with. I am a stage 4 cancer patient in need of constant treatment. I have contacted WAGEWORKS multiple times (read more than five) and have worked with ANTHEM to try to use their leverage to get my coverage started. I sent a wire for my COBRA payment on Nov. 27th and as of today (12/11/15) WAGEWORKS has not sent my payment to ANTHEM. WAGEWORKS was late sending my COBRA paperwork, have told me on four separate occasions that everything was done, only to find out they had done nothing again and again. To add insult to injury I asked for one of their managers to assist in getting things done, she (OLIVIA) hung up on me. I am now more than two weeks since they took my money and now they won’t even answer calls. If you have ANY option other than WAGEWORKS I urge you to seek it, these people are not to be trusted and are anything but helpful.

  12. This company is super frustrating. Trying to get $1200 out of my account for 3 months. Get different answers when you call. Thought I had it all figured out what to send. Bank statements, coupon payment for health insurance. This time instead of mail I faxed it. They said they only got the cover page. According to kinkos transmission fax sheet all my pages went through. This company is horrible!!!!!!!!!

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