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  1. ‘They are truly amazing, in my opinion!

    Three yrs ago I started loosing my electric power in my home in southern Granville County and was freaking out as I had no idea what would cause this to happen. I’m a retired senior so living alone in the country and losing all electricity – especially after dark – could be very hard to cope with…not to mention scary!

    I called Wake Electric when I found it wasn’t circuit breakers, etc., and they sent a man out the same day with a small, temporary generator and in no time…I was back up 100%….what a relief!

    Two days later, they came back and spent several hours digging up a section of my gravel driveway to get to the frayed wire under the ground. They replaced or fixed it somehow…and put the dirt and gravel back so nicely, you cold barely tell they had done anything. The hole was very deep – so this blew my mind!

    Then they removed the small generator and test my power, etc., and when they left – all was normal and good again!

    Since then, I’ve had a tremendous amt of respect and appreciation to Wake Electric and I also enjoy the free magazine publication every month I receive for being a customer!

    After living/working in Raleigh from 1977 to 2009 and dealing only with CP&L, I found this to be a welcome and very good change for me.

    I just can’t say enough great things about them and I truly hope they read this some day.

    Written 2/11/2015

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