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  1. “I am having the same problem with the Walgreens at 12601 Tech Ridge BLVD….. My prescription was filled on Feb 20, 2015, Today they called me to let me know I can come pick it up…. I called them and let them know I was on my way….. The pharmacist said he will not give it to me, until 4 days from now… Today is March 20….. He got mad last month, because. My DR. Over Ride HIM last month and made him give me my medication

    5 days early, because I was going our of town for 6 days ….and it Really up set him ! When I called to see if it was ready, they put me on hold for 26 mins. (I was at work on the speaker phone with my co-workers, they started making bets on how long they would keep me on hold… When the finally answered the phone He said ( What Can I Do For You Mrs P…….) ….so we all started laughing, because we knew what he did,… He started laughing too, because he knew he was caught ! Will I am looking in harassment charges against Walgreens. I can not take anymore from a company that allows there employees harass there guest… I am a BiG TIME BLOGGER…This well be getting out to BOYCOT Walgreens… Cherie “

  2. I was billed $40.00 from wal greens to my discover card. I dont remember the purchase. I am now going to the store to try to find out what I was billed for, as the girl at head quarters didn’t understand my problem. I just read all the experiences these people had and not one is complimentary. I will let you know the outcome.

  3. I am a customer at Walgreens located on Quebec and Lincoln Avenue in Lone Tree, Colorado. I arrived at Walgreens 15 minutes before closing, trying to get a copy for my grandson’s second grade school project. The manager Kylee, Ann Marie, and Kevin were very accommodating and helpful in providing me suggestions for his project that was going to be turned in the following day. Although a copy could not be made, they suggested an alternative to have a photo made instead, which, by they way, was so very useful and beautiful. I took a survey this morning but the timeline had expired. I wanted the administration to know that your three employees had gone beyond the call of duty to help me. I want them to be recognized and to know that I had appreciated them for their time and patience in helping me in our time of need. I am most grateful and I thank you kindly for their excellent service. Thank you kindly…

  4. I could not agree more with what you said. The demise of the true pharmacy service started when insurance companies imposed an almost unbearable reimbursement for the service provided by pharmacies. Only the big chain retailers remained, struggling to keep their profits at the expense of sacrificing the time that their personnel have to devote to patients. That explains the crappy service, their stressed employees that barely have time to breathe, the luring of patients to transfer their prescriptions-wasting everybody’s time-, and the infamous “call centers” that they’d love to move to India if they could. Sad, but true. It’s the era of the “impersonalization of service”. With rare exceptions: the bigger the company, the crappier it is for both, customers and employees.

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