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  1. Saturday deliveries have not occurred; and a few of the weekday deliveries

    Hello, My name is THOMAS. I have a subscription to the WSJ “paper” for Monday through Saturday for each week A number of the Saturday deliveries have not occurred; and a few of the weekday deliveries. Each time I report this missed delivery, via phone on Saturday mornings, I am assured the problem will be resolved. However; the next Saturday the paper is again MIA. How can I be assured that the Saturday delivery for May 17th will occur and thereafter?? I have requested the telephone number and address of the carrier as I would pleased to resolve personally. However; I have not been successful in securing this data. Will this issue be permanently resolved? I look forward to your thinking and to this coming Saturday’s WSJ being delivered. Extending my subscription is great, but what I want is to read the Saturday WSJ without having to purchase. Thank You. Sincerely, Thomas

  2. Amazing. Tried to get my dad a new subscription to wsj. A phone number is listed on page A2 of the wsj in its official postmaster disclosure. It says this is the “subscriber customer service” phone number. But if you call, the automated receptionist just tells you over and over to enter either your account number or your phone number. Since I am not currently a subscriber myself, it is impossible for me to get a new subscription to for either myself or anyone else using this phone. This is also the phone number the journal has on its website. How much time do you suppose it will take to try to get a new subscription from this outfit?

  3. The WSJ carefully deducts the monthly fee from my checking account without fail.

    However, almost every week, I have to call about non-delivery. Last Saturday, August 23rd, I called before 9 AM, asking for my paper.

    I was told it would be delivered by 2 PM, but it was not. When I called again, I was told it would be MAILED to me. This was not done until Tuesday, August 26th, and I just received the copy on September 2nd.

    The New York Times has no trouble finding the three story 1967 brick building on the NE corner of 5th and Locust.

    I want to read that Saturday issue, but I also want a credit for getting old news.

    For a business publication, your service is unbusiness-like. It is especially annoying when you doubled the cost of my special subscription without notice.

    Gersil N. Kay

    247 S. 5th Street, #22 – put in mail slot

    Philadelphia Pa 19106 215 925 2004

  4. I never ordered WSJ..The WSJ has been thrown in my driveway for the past two weeks. Today I receive a letter saying my subscription will be automatically renewed unless I cancel…Why should I waste my time trying to cancel something I never ordered in the first place..it’s annoying enough to have to walk to the end of my driveway everyday to pick up the WSJ and throw it in the trash can. Is this some type of scam? Maybe they should send me a letter asking for a donation if they’re hurting that bad….

  5. I enjoy the paper when I can get it delivered. Unfortunately, delivery is quite erratic and there is no one to call to effect delivery or compensate for missed delivery. I notice in the reviews that “delivery problems” seem to be the number one complaint. Perhaps you should consult a “business person” to help you since it is such a long standing problem with so many customers. “Customer Service????????? Jerry Shelton, San Clemente, CA

  6. Today (1/8/16) instead of The Wall Street Journal, I received USA Today. If I wanted USA Today I would have subscribed to it. Is there some local number for the delivery person (s)?

  7. I do not understand why the world’s greatest newspaper is not capable of delivering my paper on a regular basis. I have received 2 issues in the past 10 days. I have talked to your customer service people in India a few times without success. It would be nice to talk to someone in the U.S. who can actually solve this problem.

    Thank you

  8. Not only are emails ignored when the wrong brand newspaper is delivered to the driveway, but The Journal doesn’t bother updating customer information so a telephone complaint can be lodged. Paying WSJ prices for the rag they dropped is as irritating as not receiving the magazine all summer yet charging for it.

  9. Paper is good; delivery is a crap shoot. Representatives are impotent. They tell you one thing and something else happens. Multiple, multiple issues with stopping/restarting delivery.

    Latest fiasco is delivery of TWO (2) papers everyday sine 2/17/16. Despite numerous (I.e. Almost daily ) calls, this waste of time and resources continues!

  10. Fulfillment problems with the hard-copy version of WSJ aren’t surprising. Try (or plz don’t try) the online version.

    The 30-day free promotional offer baits you in. But try to cancel afterward. Impossible. No way to cancel. Worse yet, two weeks after that you get an update notice that includes (in small print) a rate increase…. Rupert,is this how you became a media mogul? Shame on you —

  11. On my way home from a month in SE Asia (Vietnam for 2 weeks, Cambodia and Thailand) I read the article “Silent Night in Laos” published Jan. 9, 2015. I was taken aback when reading the …”Not only did the authorities prohibit public observances of Christmas, they carried out torture and killings of Christians. Accordinly to the CPPA’s executive director, the Laotian government coordinated the crackdown with neighboring Vietnam.”… This of course got me quite unnerved, considering our two weeks in Vietnam were over the Christmas holidays and we were in 5 Vietnam cities, including Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh where we saw Christmas trees decorated everywhere, signs saying “MERRY CHRISTMAS” not Happy Holidays like we do here in the US. We were greeted with warmth and love from all the people we met. I am not sure where the Wall Street journal is getting their information, but spreading hatred and fear is not a very “Christian” thing to do. I am so very upset that our media spreads messages to divide us as people rather than unite us all in love. If you have interest. My children, ages 10, 12, and 13 have been to 14 countries, have written their observations in journals and can tell you from first hand experience along with their parents (my husband and I) that people are beautiful all around the world. If you want some first hand accounts what Vietnam was like over Christmas, you can contact me via my mobile phoneand my children, husband and I will be happy to share pictures and stories of our experience overseas. Best

  12. I’m not receiving my paper with any regularity. Sometimes it comes the second day in the same sleeve as that days edition, and sometimes it arrives as I take my dog for her last walk just before we go to sleep. But, it never ever arrives before late morning and after I’ve left for my office.

    Whats up? Are they “encouraging” us to go digital?

    Is there a local phone number?

  13. Don’t feel too bad. I signed up for $29 for 3 months and received a total of 6 papers. All they want to do is hassle you for another “free month”. Free month of still not getting the paper?

  14. Ok. This is ridiculous. We have not gotten our paper for five days. Call up customer service to find out if it is being delivered. (in case someone was taken our at our building.) What you get is “I’m sorry we’ll take your number and my manager will call. Of course no call … no paper … no customer service.

  15. I have taken the Wall Street Journal, off and on for over a year and have enjoyed it very much when it was delivered. Recently I took them up on their $99.00 offer for six months. I am now very dissatisfied with their service.

    Over the past two weeks I have not received the paper as promised. I have missed the 6/21 and the 6/23 paper. Upon calling their 568-7625 number they were very pleasant and did get the paper restarted for four issues. Once again it was not delivered on 6/28, 6/30 or 7/1. I called again on 6/28 and was reassured that it would be corrected.

    I called again today (7/1) and asked to speak to a supervisor. Sandy said that she couldn’t connect me and left me with that. My account number is

    If a supervisor is reading this I would like him or she to call me at . If not I will file a complaint with the BBB and VISA when I get my bill for the $99.00 which has already been posted to my account.


  16. This is the third consecutive day in which my WSJ was NOT delivered. My neighbors have the same experiance.

    Did you lose your delivery service? Will the problem be resolved this week?

  17. To all those NOT getting their Wall Street Journal, I’m getting them, I’m getting 4, yes 4 thrown on my lawn every DAY!, the FUNNY THING IS, I never subscribed!




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