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  1. I moved last August and transferred my subscription to my new address and got the dumbest letter asking if I got my daily delivery. I did not and went 8 days without it and was promised deli[very every day. I cancelled my subscription Recently you contacted me to renew at a special rate which I did. I was supposed to start delivery on the 3rd but that has not happened. I suggest you have a total house cleaning in your subscription dept.

  2. After signing up for a two- month trial to WSJ, I started browsing their extra publications, e.g., their book reviews, editorial columns. Before I could finish , I was disconnected. Very annoying.

  3. Last year I had a problem with weekend WSJ being delivered, and I am having the same problem now. I did not receive last week’s paper (May 26th) nor today’s paper (June 2nd). Please resolve this chronic problem.

  4. “I have taken the Wall Street Journal, off and on for over a year and have enjoyed it very much when it was delivered. Recently I took them up on their $99.00 offer for six months. I am now very dissatisfied with their service.

    Over the past two weeks I have not received the paper as promised. I have missed the 6/21 and the 6/23 paper. Upon calling their 568-7625 number they were very pleasant and did get the paper restarted for four issues. Once again it was not delivered on 6/28, 6/30 or 7/1. I called again on 6/28 and was reassured that it would be corrected.

    I called again today (7/1) and asked to speak to a supervisor. Sandy said that she couldn’t connect me and left me with that. My account number is

    If a supervisor is reading this I would like him or she to call me at . If not I will file a complaint with the BBB and VISA when I get my bill for the $99.00 which has already been posted to my account.


  5. I enjoy my subscription but the current effort to inject advertisements in your phone in to suspend subscriptions is such a pain unless you can tell me how I can get around it I will not renew my subscription when it expires.

  6. To all those NOT getting their Wall Street Journal, I’m getting them, I’m getting 4, yes 4 thrown on my lawn every DAY!, the FUNNY THING IS, I never subscribed!

  7. On March 21st we discontinued service for the Wall Street Journal delivery, until March 31st. we have not received any news papers since the 21st of March

  8. We have not received our journal in two days, have called both days. Please respond to this, or we may have to cancel our Sub.

  9. In January I transferred delivery from Syosset, N.Y. to Fla. As of today, paper is still being delivered to Syosset. I have made over 15 calls to Customer Service to no avail. This includes 6 supervisors.

  10. Every Saturday the newspaper does not arrive do not want a credit I would like the paper delivered today Lindenhurst NY

    1. Same here.i moved a few blocks away ten weeks ago.To date I have received five weekend editions.I live in a downtown hi-rise condo;the few newspapers are just left in the lobby. I imagine that when this place was built in 1964 as an “executive”55 building with 64 condos there would be a hundred newspapers delivered to this address to your door.Kids on bikes did better.Also collected $ .Kept books!

  11. I have been trying to read my WSJ online for two weeks. It is so full of ads I cannot read the pare or any of the articles. Am canceling my subscription to the Journal. They must be greedy for money to let those interruptions exist

  12. I’ve been a fan of the WSJ. In this day, I can get info from online media. The WSJ makes it very dificult to “Share” content. I like the WSJ, but is losing its share to on line conservatives. I might end my use of the WSJ.

  13. In the April 15th Wall Street Journal edition, the picture of Jack Ma’s hands (of Ali

    Baba) had his thumb nail photo shopped backward. What was the reason for this?

  14. We are delighted with your early AM delivery. However, this AM (Friday Apr.04th) we received the (print) Thursday edition. These things happen! Thought you would like to know…..Called the 800 number could not contact a real person. Machines don’t care!!!!

  15. My father passed away in November 2013. When we cancelled his WSJ subscription we were told that he was due a refund of $180.48. I have been told that a check was issued by WSJ; however, we have not received it. When I have asked, “Has the check actually been cashed?” no one has been able to answer that. Should not the accounting department of a publication that focuses on business be able to answer that simple question? EIGHT TIMES I HAVE CONTACTED THE WSJ AND STILL NO RESOLUTION TO THIS SIMPLE QUESTION. Is that any way to run a business?

  16. How on earth can you continue to call yourselves journalists if your spineless moron of an editor-in-chief says you wankers can’t even report facts versus LIES?!! That means you are nothing more than the NATIONAL INQUIRER, and his defense of such a policy was the most ridiculous load of horsecrap I have heard since that senator Akin claimed women’s bodies shut “down” fertility when raped! Shame on you all! Stop emailing me, I will NEVER TRUST YOUR NEWSPAPER AGAIN, OBVIOUSLY.

  17. Our delivery guy deliveredd a paper we DON’T subscribe to but didn’t deliver the paper we DO subscribe to (WSJ). If he could be notified of this and recheck his accounts I’d appreciate it

  18. To whomever it may concern,

    I am interested in contacting A.J.Baime about a possible story for his My Ride articles, but am not on facebook. I would rather e- mail him if this is acceptable to him? I would appreciate any help you could provide me with in this matter. I will send you my e-mail address and phone number. I apologize for any problem this might cause, but I am old school, an old senior citizen with probably not much time left.Thanks again for any help in this matter,sorry for the rather long letter. Joseph M. Semanik

  19. How do I get copy of Saturday’s edition dated December 10, 2016?

    (The edition I received was Thursday’s dated December 8, 2016!)


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