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  1. Went to WalMart pharmacy located on 14241 Coursey Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70817 yesterday at 3:30. Stood in line for over 30 minutes while young trainee took care of customer. When I finally reached the front of the line, the little peon had the gall to tell me to move over because he needed to wait on the people behind me and my “problem” would take some time to figure out!!!! My problem was THEY FREAKING LOST THE INFORMATION FROM MY INSURANCE CARD WHICH I’VE GIVEN THEM AT LEAST 3 OR 4 TIMES ALREADY! Needless to say, I did not get my scripts, called my doctor and asked him to call Walgreen’s down the street from me. I could not believe that after having stood in line all that time while the trainee talked, typed, phoned, chatted, with one customer and then because he could not find my information he ASKED ME TO STEP ASIDE WHILE HE HELPED OTHER PEOPLE???!!!! Not this one again. This was toooooo much and the thing is, the prescirption has been the same for two years and we go through this nearly monthly. I’d rather go somewhere that maybe I have a little more to pay, but at least I can feel more confident about not only the qualifications of the pharmacists but the clerks as well.

  2. I waited in the Pick Up counter line 20 minutes behind the couple at the counter being served who had already received their package. The young Pharmacy Tech was trying to sell them other items and describing, them and having discussions about the products not there for prescription pick up. I felt they should have been directed to the Consultation Window for such long discussion , especially with me and four other persons waiting in line behind me. I asked if she was a trainee and the woman who was to pick up her scripts turned angrily and told me that SHE was holding it up, not the young clerk. Really? Isn’t it the responsibility of the employee to follow the guidelines of Drop Off, Consultation, and Pick Up windows? Why have them otherwise. I felt it could come to blows when this customer’s husband yelled at me as well. I considered dialing 9-1-1, but thought the better of it. Store # 5326 Bushnell, Florida Pharmacy

  3. I use the Walmart Pharmacy in Cincinnati (Eastgate 45245). In their computer they have me as a no-blister pack. These are the foil packets that you punch out the pill. I have come close to swallowing these and I have sores and rashes on my hands a lot which make it hard to punch them out. By having no blister packs I get my pills in the old school bottles. However, a lot recently and today also I get home and open my meds only to see 2 of them have the blister packs. I went ballistic!! Are they really too lazy to punch them out and put them in a bottle??? When I called the pharmacy they just act like I am a big pain in their butt. I was transferred to talk to someone? but after holding for so long I wasn’t even sure I Was still on hold. Called back and was told manager was with another customer and to call back. So sad that customers are treated thusly. It’s no wonder so many businesses are going out. They don’t know how to maintain customers. I hear Walmart is not doing so hot right now. What could it be????

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