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  1. Poor phone service . Big x on signal . no service . very frustrating dealing with customer service circle jerk . Over 2 months of on going no service no signal problems but you still want your monthly payments . Fix the problem . More towers in rural areas .

  2. Family Mobile has charged me for two months of telephone service, when my telephone has been out of service since the beginning of February 2015. Online it says that a person has to “cancel the account” before the company stops charging people for the service. I am so frustrated. I, too, might look into getting a lawyer because I am being charged for a service I have not and cannot use.

  3. I have been trying to contact customer service to speak to someone about my bill.My phone was disconnected a month ago.I have received another bill for service I no longer have.I have called every number listed for customer service I could possibly call and CANNOT get ahold of a human being to straighten this issue out.I have never seen anything run so poorly.I have also read all the complaints that customers have wrote having the same problem.I will be connecting the Ohio Attorney General tomorrow if this doesn’t get straighten out today.You cannot sale customers WalMart Family Mobile Phones and not give them a way of discontinue service.Once again mine has been turned off for a month and I am still being billed for it,I will not pay for I phone that is no longer in use.If the Attorney General doesn’t get this figured issue out my Attorney will.My mobile number is,my name is Arthur.I will be waiting for your response.Please respond ASAP.You may contact me at to discuss this issue.Poor,Poor,customer service numbers.I WANT THIS SERVICED STOPPED Todays date is 05/07/2014

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