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  1. I have frequent difficulty getting WAPO to print the comments I frequently comment on articles. I follow printed rules for submission so I don’t understand the problem!

  2. I was a regular subscriber to the Post for a long time, however, every time I call to order to stop delivery because I would be out of town, the paper was still delivered. I was so angry when I got home paper was stacked up two feet high. I still do not understand how you stop delivery for a period of time. Another instance is that my daily paper was being stolen 4 out of 7 days per week. I call to report the problem but never got a re delivery that day. The person on the phone said that it was too late. When I received my bill I refused to pay because of the number of stolen papers that I did not receive. They paid not attention to me and kept dunning me for payment. I refuse to pay for papers that I did not receive. They have now stopped delivering the paper and are still send me dunning notices. I have been called by the delivery person and told them what had happened and told them not to put the paper on the front stoop because people on their way to work in the morning just assumed that it was a free paper and would take it to work day after day. I was never able to catch someone doing it but my neighbors have had the same problem. Solve the problem Post and stop disbelieving your loyal customers. I am still waiting to hear from someone at the Post who will help sole the problem.

  3. I signed up on 6-13-14 for the $39 promotion using my American Express. When I accessed the Post today I was told there was no record. I asked the rep if she would sign me up & she told me the promotion had expired. NOT HAPPY!

  4. I’m a longtime Sunday subscriber (35 years ) only snow days missed once or twice, however, I may not be for long. I have NOT received a paper for the last three Sundays, called in by 9, and still didn’t get papers. I then had to call on Mondays to ask to receive a credit because the papers were not delivered.. We have a flag in my front yard for the new carrier, however, apparently they don’t look at it. My neighbors get their papers (live in a sub-division on a circle). We want the inserts and my husband likes a real paper not the online. Maybe I need two weeks free daily so the carrier “might” be able to find us on Sundays. Customer service reps are very hard to understand and can’t seem to think past their script. Thinking of putting a 4 foot sign up so maybe they will find it. Frustrated in Charles Town, WV. Sunday’s call will be hitting the button for cancellation and refund. Inexcusable! Very disappointed.

  5. After reading your article about voter identification, I am starting an organization to go to every district in every county in the country and sign up people to learn how to allow all to have a picture ID with address attached so all are able to vote. I will make sure I have an individual from the State at each signing to be sure we are within the laws of that State. We will pay for the transportation of all to these signature places. This will be paid for by private donation and not by any party or organization. No one will be told, who or what party to register or how to vote just shown to legally vote in their district. That will help this country to be equally represented by our leaders.

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