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  1. “I got a new Cell Phone Samsung Galaxy S6. Tried to install and reload Waze. Nothing but trouble. First is lost all of my favorites, points, etc. Apparently I’m a new user again. To resolve, I logged out, Uninstalled, then reinstalled. I took several times getting the “”Bad News Bucko”” message (which I feel is a bit unprofessional and condescending) before I finally was able to relog back in. Now I’m trying to connect to my FB community and here it is again spinning (as if it is working) with the “”Connecting…”” status displayed. Going on 15 minutes. This time, I’ll just let er rip (all night if I have to), to see if actually does anything.

    This didn’t happen when I got my last phone 6 months ago. The install and loading of all favorites, points, etc were flawless. The software has digressed pathetically since then……

    Please help, I really like and enjoy using the App when it is working :-)”

  2. after opening was on a new phone and typing in username and password, I received this message – oops something went wrong you’ve been sent into oblivion- now when I tried to sign-in again it states that my username has already been taken.How can I get my account back – I have my favorites but not my points? Please Help Me to get back My Waze.

  3. “My husband accidentally deleted waze from his iPhone. The App Store will not allow him to redownload the app. I have it on my phone and it will not let me share it either. It says it was already purchased and refunded making it not downloadable

    What can we do to get it back on his phone”

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