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  1. since your new format screen was launched,we here in chanute kansas, went without the weather channel for three days…now that that is fixed, and we have the weather channel back..we have no local radar on weather on the eights…what goes on here??? i have been on the phone daily eith cable one, (our cable provider), and have talked to your machine numerous times…now,sat 6/28/14…we are looking at chances of severe weather, and still no radar..could you PLEASE fix this? thank you

  2. I feel strong about this, or I would not comment. I DO NOT like the new morning format! AMHQ, with the ’round-table, 4-5 people, chit-chat, talk show’ program is for other channels. I was happy with 2 people telling me about WEATHER. THE WEATHER around the country. I am sure part of this added expense is passed on to the customers. thank you, bjw

  3. “I live in Pensacola, Florida. Today is Tuesday, March 18.2014. ALL day today the Weather Channel is giving me weather for other states, nothing for Florida.

    Even local on the eights gives NOTHING for my city or any city in Florida. This has been going on for over 8 hours.

    What is going on ?”

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