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  1. someone else accessed my Wechat account while I was offline, he changed the phone number, picture and bad enough he is using my hongbao, how can I get out? quick help guys

  2. I couldn’t login to wechat using my ipad ,it’s pop up too many operation. Please try again later, This message had pop up four hours ready, What should I do?

  3. I couldn’t login using SMS. It’s pop up too many operations, please try again later. This message had pop up since one months.

    what should i do?

  4. I have no friends in wechat i dont get any one in shakeing time going maximum 11km iam install the softwere in my mobile one month what shoud i do

  5. Helo I gt a blackberry leap bt am have prblm wth the location am in durban bt am pickn up ppl 200 m away nd nly chines ppl hw do I gt the right location 4 my region ppl help

  6. i use my phone number many time to register on wechat for diferent id..i want to register new one,but i can,t do..what should i do…

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