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Customer Service Contact Information For Weebly

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  1. “I have spent an incredible amount of time, at least 2 hours, trying to reach or connect with Weebly’s customer service department. In the process, I was hung up on twice, I reached several companies that was not Weebly, even though these numbers came up from googling Weebly’s Customer Service contact information. I would keep my comments as I am giving you still another chance to help solve my problems.

    My company has a website which was done through Weebly or by Weebly. I am desperate to simply delete a phone number which is no longer being used. Please respond to me by my e-mail address below; please send me a toll free number where I can reach you. I need your help urgently.

    Thanks for your kind cooperation.”

  2. Ripoff report candidate. This company should change its name to ” Wobbly.”

    You can tell the company is crap, since they won’t even accept emails requesting basic support – to customers who have already paid for services.

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