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  1. I got wee world via last month on Christmas, it’s now the 31 of January and I still haven’t received my gold yet

  2. Hello. I am the parent of the owner of the BaiserDeLaMort account. My daughter’s account was hacked on September 26 between 4:00-8:00pm. I would like to know the procedure for gaining access to the account or to have it taken down completely. I don’t want a hacker to have access to my credit card information on the account. Apparently there have been many occurrences involving cassidycutie25 in regards to this person hacking other accounts.

  3. My WeeWorld account has been suspended for no reason @realman132. I was just curious why since I haven’t spoken inappropriate language or anything. please email me back.

  4. hi my name is Hannah cotters on weeworld my name is watermelonarebae and crystal01. HELP SOMEONE HACCED MY ACCOUNT jamie9034 PLZ HELP ME GET IT BACK

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