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  1. Purchased a Whirlpool fridge in Dec. 2015. Since then I have had 6 service calls. 4 for the same problem which I am still waiting for a part. 2 also for the same problem which I am to understand is the compressor which has to be replaced after 6 months. Actually this problem started Jan 23,2016 but I was told there wasn’t a problem even though the fridge was heating instead of cooling.Happened again July 23 2016 and I’ve been without a fridge ever since. The compressor is on order. The fridge is a piece of junk and should be replaced.I’ve spoken to several people at Whirlpool but in vain. However,I did speak to a manager a week or so ago named Chris and he apologized for my trouble and is going to compensate me with the big sum of $75.00. Isn’t that nice of them!!! I threw away more food then that. I think it is an insult. I will never buy another Whirlpool appliance nor will I use the store,Corbeil Appliances,Ottawa, On, where I purchased it.This is disgusting & I should be compensated by a lot more then $75.00 which I am yet to receive.

  2. my old refrigerator was 28 years old still working fine without ever needing ANY repairs!! I wish we would have never bought the new amanna model #afi2539erm00 serial #k54307914!! bought at home depot in lake delton , wisconsin was purchased last december. three weeks ago it stopped cooling but kept running called home depot they couldnt get any one here for three days lost an entire refrigerator and freezer full of food! the guy they sent said it had a loose wire and said it was fixed the next evening it stopped working again another refrigerator and freezer full of food lost called home depot again it was 4 days before anyone could get here this time he said it needed a new compressor will call you when it comes five days later another guy comes out and says guess what this is not the right compressor! at least he was sympathetic to the whole situation and told me he would get to the bottom of this mess and have the compressor delivered over night! what ever happened to customer service and companies standing behind their product and doing what they could to make things RIGHT? I know… it went to the same place all my spoiled food went not once but twice!!!! I have my douts that this refrigerator will continue to work the day after the warranty runs out (or maybe it wont even be fixed by then!!!) Extremely disapointed!!!!

  3. I have bought two Whirlpool washing machines.Both have been y worst nitemare.Very expensive junk.The first one was a cabrio.Took my sheets out and it dumped Clorox all over them from previous load.The one I have now they hass been here about five times.Bought a Lowes warranty,which was a whole lot cheaper……I had to by 2 more warranties because I was afraid not to from whirlpool.Waiting on repair person today againTook. my sheets out of the washng machine and they have something that looks like oil all over them.Has ruined 2 sets of sheets and my confortor!!!.My question is are you a going to reimburse me for this mess??????I am so angry with whirpool.Will never buy another whirlpool product.Talking to other people they feel the same about this junk. I am not rich, but I sure have had a expensive lesson because I trusted your products and the whirlpool name,which means nothing anymore!!

  4. I am 73 years old and until two years ago never had anything but GE refrigerators. The last one I had lasted over 19 years. Two years ago I purchased a whirlpool Model WRF560SMYWDY from Lowes. Its true I didnt buy the extended because who would think it would go bad in two short years, but it did. The board that controls the automatic defroster went out at 2 years 2 months. It cost me $500 to repair this with parts and labor, needless to say I am very disappointed in Whirlpool and will never buy one of their products again. I would think in todays world they could make pats that last longer than two years. They think their products are so good, then they should give the warranty like automobile dealers 3 years everything covered.

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