Nintendo System Set-Up, Troubleshooting and Repair:

? Online Customer Service Information
? 1-800-255-3700

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Support:

? Online Connection Assistance
? Hotspot Locator
? 1-800-895-1672

How to Order Accessories, Replacement Parts and More:

? Online Store
? 1-800-255-3700

Order Problem Solving
? Online Order FAQ
? 1-800-255-3700
Nintendo Power Subscriptions:

? www.nintendopower.com

New subscriptions (including renewals) contact Future US, Inc. at:
? Nintendopower@cdsfulfillment.com
? 1-866-941-8368

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4 Replies to “Wii”

  1. We bought the new game Mario Party of 9 and now the Wii keeps turning off and will not turn back on until the next day or hours later as though it has gotten hot. This happenes here at my house on my Wii and at my daughter’s house on her Wii. What could be the issue? It seems too much of a coincidence that two wii’s 280 miles from eachother would be having the same problem. The only thing in common is the new game. I bought the game for my grandson and he played at my house and it happened and then when he went home to his wii it is happening there too. Once it shuts off no other game will work either.

  2. We had a lightning strike and my Wii was acting up. It would not turn on. So I read some stuff about replacing the power cord. I did that and now the Wii turns on but I only get audio, no composite video feed. So, I replaced the AV composite cables and still not video. I tried it on another TV and same thing occured. Please help.

  3. If I do a factory reset Will I be able to get the two games that came with the system back They were downloaded to the system when I messed up IDs Just Want to start over

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