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WildBlue delivers affordable two-way broadband Internet access via satellite to virtually any home and small business in small cities and rural America.

WildBlue Communications, Inc.

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  1. “Very unhappy with service. I have never obtained the speed that my data plan is suppose to provide. Can’t watch any video without refreshing it several times. I keep going over my data because of the refreshing issues. Can’t update phone with wifi because service is to slow.

    When i go over data they slow my service down even more. I would have faster service with dial up than this. Very unhappy and lived with this for over seven years. This have gotten worse since excel took over. Will be changing service since they could care less for a customer that has paid his bills for over seven years. A couple of years ago was offered to upgrade to Excel but no one showed up either times that I had an appointment. Two days of work loss for nothing.


  3. Very Sad! Phone just went silent, then disconnected, 2nd call just music. Looks like Wildblue (Viasat) is going to put most of t’s efforts into the Asia Market, Been working on issues for over 3months now. I own my own equipment, to just get parts or even a service call well it has not happen. as of 08/11/14

  4. When we moved to a rural area our only internet choices were Wildblue ot Hughesnet. Everyone said use Wildblue; so we did. Soon after having it installed the problems began. Their service kept dropping and their tech support said it was our equipment:false. After repeated emails and calls they sent a tech who loosened our dish because he said it was too tight. After he left the problem returned so another tech came out and tightened it because he said it was too loose. I began wondering about the entire sanity of this group as the dropped connections continued unabated; sometimes 10 times a day. Calling tech support was useless as they continually blamed our computer etc. and all we had to do was power down and reboot to reestablish the connection. After more than 100 times in less than 2 years I realized I had to find an alternative. I begged our phone company to put in a cable line and they refused. I looked up every ISP I could find and no one serviced our area. Finally, I decided to investigate Hughesnet but first checked their complaint site. Believe me, they are worse than the ones for Wildblue, except…one person said how he had contacted his cell phone carrier (Verizon) and switched to their wifi for his home computers. We also have Verizon so with my phone in hand I walked around the house and our signal strength was 5 bars throughout. I checked their complaint site and found very few, but a lot of praise. After calling my local Verizon dealer I switched over and paid the last remaining month off with Wildblue. They are light years ahead of Wildblue as far as reliability and speed. Our service stays up even during the worst of storms. our ping time is 80ms vs. 800ms with Wildblue. Our dnld speeds have increased from 5-6 MPS to 18-20MPS, and our upld speeds from 1.5MPS to 16-17MPS. If you can, check with your cell phone carrier about their wifi. We cancelled our land line with TDS and bundled cell, landline, and internet together, doubled the measly 10gb from Wildblue to 20 gigs all for approximately the same cost; even though we now have twice the bandwith. Their customer service is polite, professional, and very knowledgeable. Only thing is if your computer is not wifi enabled you will have to buy a wifi adapter for around $40.00 at Walmart. Verizon suggested Netgear and we have had no problems. Also, sometimes the drivers will not install from the disc, happened to me too, so you will have to get them from the internet first. They were easy to find as the info with the disc gives you the web address. Once set up, you will never look back. As they say,”Don’t get mad, get even!”

  5. “1) phone wait times more that 15 minutes — SEVERELY UNDERSTAFFED

    2) no service this morning – after a 15 minute wait I was told that my dish was misaligned and that there would be a $95 service fee to fix something that was not my fault.

    3) tried internet service again. This time it worked — everything but the Wild Blue site on which I hoped to cancel my service call

    4) back to 15 minuet wait times.


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