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  1. I bought cameras for my husband. Cameras did not even last the full season. he called customer service and was pretty much told too bad, go buy more of our cameras. Never again will this company’s products be purchased and we are warning all people we know or see buying the product. Very poor way to conduct business.

  2. Customer Service is basically non-existent. Asked what the factory reset settings are. The rep said she didn’t know, only I would. Documentation is terrible and the LCD screen is too small to see even with magnifying glass.

  3. Have purchased 225 # feeder n 50# feeder. Cannot adjust 225 it either won’t stop pouring corn out r locks up. The 50# is extremely loud . Am very dissatisfied to say the least.

  4. I sent back a camera to be fixed and they don’t have a repair center. I will never buy another wildlife innovations product again

  5. I purchased a infrared digital scouting camera last year (model W6D) and it worked well. This year I put it out with new batteries and a new digital card and it won’t stay on standby. I have pictures of me setting up and walking away but that is it. I have reset and everything from scratch and still the same outcome. Help!

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