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  1. I was very excited to find your company offered cake decorating classes in my area Torrington ct at Michaels . I am now attending the first course. Saddened by the fact only 3 of the courses are offered, due to the fact your company did away with the forth course. Plus to find out there is only one teacher in the area. Why does a well know company only offer 3 of 4 courses and leave customers hanging like that? This has been a life long dream to enter the world of cake decorating only to discover I am left to search to go further on my own.. to me this is very misleading by your company and the advertising with Michaels.

  2. Love my Wilton cookie pans. Have had them about 1 year and use them all the time. They have brown cookie shaped stains on them. do you have any advice on how I can remove the stain? Would appreciate your help. Thank you.

  3. I have been a customer of Wilton for the longest time and have never had a complaint. However, I bought a Wilton cookie sheet and after baking the cookies, the pan was stained. I called customer service, but was only told to wash it with Bar Keeper. I have washed it many times, but the stains do not go away. I even took a picture of the pan and sent it in to Wilton, but I have received no help at all.

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