Windstream provides broadband Internet, phone service, and Dish Network Digital Television packages.

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  1. “Put in. An order. On 29 July for. Friday. Told I. Was scheduled for 12 August. On 12 August didn’t show up. Claimed that I was

    scheduled for 21 August (but they do not do Sunday installation.)

    Pathetic at best. Not apologetic completely unconcerned. “

  2. My phone service wentt out on wednesday due to wet line at my box …I was told it would be saturday before it could be fixed DUH…I was repair sevice for United Telephone in Fl. & if I told someone that I would lose my job!! do you not have enuf employees or what? I as in the middle of an insurance situation with my A/C and speaking with 2 separate individuals and me with no cell phone, They then promised, after on hold for 12 min.(again, not enuf employees) they would be here by 6:10 that evening..NOT so here it is friday at 10:30 and still no phone service..what the hell!!

  3. Windstream is a joke. I have been trying for two days to reach their customer service number using 1-800-347-1991. I have waited in excess of 15 minutes each time and still have not gotten thru to their customer number. Ridiculous.

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