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For over 80 years, the Winn-Dixie name has stood for real quality and value in the grocery industry.

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  1. Win Dixie in Palmetto Florida is the worst place in the world to shop. Customer service is never in there department and the tellers have no clue how to do anything except scan and charge. The meat department put’s spoiled meat in a package and then puts a use by date on it hoping that you will put it into the freezer and not use it untill after that date. |||BEWARE of WHAT YOU PURCHASE|||. And then they are very generous when it comes to refunding. It cost me more for gas to return to the store than the food cost. What a waist of time to even shop there. I’m changing and taking all of my business to another company. .

  2. “I was told by a gas station attendant to link my shell gas card to my Winn Dixie card. I tried different approaches for over an hour with no success. Supposedly it is where Winn Dixie has their name sign but no lead in where to do this.

    I tried the 1-866 number again no results. Can I get specific instructions how to connect the Shell gas \card to the Winn Dixie card so it will be easier at the pump. Lorraine – March 18 2015 PLEASE HELP”

  3. It’s probably a waste of my time to post a comment on this paticular site seeing how there has been no reply to comments added 2 years ago but it’s worth a try. My complaint is with the sad attempt of a grocery store their trying to pass off in Immokalee,FL. It has Winn Dixie on the front sign but in no way shape or form should it be allowed to go by that name. Although the other Winn Dixie’s in Collier County aren’t spectacular with the exception to the one in Marco,in no way are they nearly as bad as the Immokalee location. It’s an old,broken down,poorly run store with inedible products,even the frozen stuff is no good,due to poor freezers. The cleanliness is obsolete,the staff are beyond rude and down right scary. I vowed to never enter again,for my own safety and well being (health) but I was however still going to use the other locations for Winn Dixie but without a response which looks unlikely,I will never enter ANY of your stores. I’ve contacted the health department and wrote several comments on the Winn Dixie page. Today I returned back to the site to see if I had a reply and not only was there no response,my comment was taken down. The other comments posted by other irrate customers were still there,so that shows me I must of hit a nerve and they know all I said to be true but instead of fixing it they hid it. Great way to improve WInn Dixie and I see you really care about your customers,who by the way are keeping you open. We pay your bill and without us you’ll be out of business,so step up,e-mail people back. My next step is going to any length to reach the CEO Randall Onstead myself,even if I have to drive to Jacksonville. That’s how bad the store is in Immokaleee,should be shut down or condemned!!!

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