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  1. Source One, the distributor for Southern California, went out of business at that time. It took several months to get distribution back.

  2. I love Woman’s World and have been buying it for years. I subscribed for 20 issues and have been keeping track when I get the issues. I have received only 16 of those 20 I paid for. In addition, I received a notice that my subscription was running out (did I want to renew?) and it said that my last issue had been sent and I received that notice a week ago today and as of today, I have not received it. I would rate the magazine as a 5 but I do not feel that I’ve gotten what I paid for. I would like those 4 missing issues.

  3. I’m sending this email on behalf of my mother Ruth. She has been getting letters stating that she is going to collections if she doesn’t pay. However, why should she pay when she never has received any issues. I pay her bills and she has not received anything! There is no phone number on the statements to call. She is handicapped and does not have access to a computer. Her onlay ways of communication is via phone! I would have no issue paying this if she received a magazine!


    Lorie C

  4. I just received my first Woman’s World magazine and it is ripped in pieces. I had to tape it back together. THIS IS MY FIRST ISSUE. I don’t think I want to continue getting this, if that’s the way it’s going to be. Most magazines come in a plastic cover to insure it is in tack when received. Very disappointed.

  5. I recently received my subscribed issue of Woman’s World in the mail. It came in a plastic bag from the post office apologizing for the shape it was it. The cover was ripped badly. Is there any way to send them sealed or bagged so this doesn’t happen again?

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