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Woot Inc. Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
4121 International Parkway
Carrollton, TX 75007

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  1. I have been a woot customer for many years and always felt like I got a good deal every time I ordered from them. Referred many people to them. My last purchase was defective, sent first email to get no response, sent second email complaining and got a response to return item and will get a refund in 7 to 10 days. Have not heard anything from them on my refund or my returned item. No phone number listed on woots website. Does someone have it? I have sent several more emails that have not been answered. Not very happy with woot right now because I’m feeling ignored. Gonna settle this and cancel my account with them.

    1. Woot’s phone # is 972-417-3959.

      Good luck with that…I didn’t get an answer.

      Forget Woot and good luck with Amazon trying to straighten that mess called Woot out.

  2. How are you I am checking on the Samsung galaxy pro tab that I order from you I will like to have a tracking number.

  3. WOOT SUCKS…THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. The 972-417-3959 number has no way of getting you to a human.

  4. Wil never order from Woot again. Products are worthless and customer service is even worse. Not worth the “savings,” their stuff is garbage.

  5. Glad I read these posts. I was going to buy a watch but my security, McAfee, would not allow me to sign into my account OR go to the check-out phase of the purchase. THANKS McAfee for saving me from WOOT.

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