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More of your friends are playing Words with Friends than ANY other word game on their iphones and smart phones.

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6 Replies to “Words With Friends”

  1. While playing a practice game, “TFW” was used. Sorry, that is not a word! I have had legitimate words found in the dictionary that were not approved, and yet TFW is. Really?!

  2. I have about 30 finished games on my phone marked ‘nudge’ as if they are not finished. However, they do not show up on my iPad words with friends app.
    How can I get rid of them? (I don’t want to ‘resign’ which counts as a loss.)

  3. “I understand the need for advertising on FREE WWF but I am appalled at an ad I received while playing. A very provocative young woman with caption: “” phillipine Women yearn to meet you”” there was a button to push to date one!

    I’ll no longer play any Zenga games if this is the level of ads you run. I’m a retired woman but what about young men who respond to this ad? You are fostering this on your gaming apps?

    I’d like a response to this. “

  4. Playing words with friends and it will not accept exit as a word ??? word across is GROVEL, EX, under R(E), n (X) under O, I added iRAL, under V to complete the word VIRAL down, It declined the word EXIT, though the word I made was viral. Please review my play… This is very disturbing…

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