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  1. “I am having a recurring problem. Yesterday about 4:15 PM I had about $8,400,000.00 in my account when I turned my Kindle off. I went to a party until about 8 PM. Then I turned my Kindle back on and my account showed $309,000.00.

    Last month the same thing happened and had $12,000,000.00 taken away.

    Another time I think it was $2,000,000.00.

    I know it is just a game but it is frustrating when this happens. I know that I know very little about electronics but this only happens when my Kindle is turned off. My wife tells me to just remove the wsop app from my Kindle but I do not want to do that. There are many other apps, I know, but except for this problem with my account, the wsop app is by far the best.

    Is there something that I can be doing wrong? I am 72 years old and I still play golf occasionally, but your poker app has given me many hours of enjoyment. I hope that this problem can be corrected. Thank you for anything that can be done.

    William Lane (Slick)”

  2. I have not been able to conect to World Series of Poker since this morning. I keep getting message OOPS sorry we cannot connect you to the game, please try again. Please refer to code 1

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