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  1. I bought my son a xbox one in September, he was using it last week and it just suddenly start showing a black screen so i visited Microsoft website, it showed us to do something about osu1, we tried it and it came back as normal but it’s constantly going into troubleshooted and the boot animation is also missing, you please help me, i can’t just waste my money like that. I’m from Jamaica and i ordered it on eBay

  2. my grandson has the xbox one and he is unable to play Fort Nite and now when he tries to play the screen goes black and kicks him out. How do we get the game to work again

  3. We bought my grandson a Xbox one and it took forever to get it to work and now we are trying to download his game cards from the store that are just as high your system and now they don’t work another 100.00 dollars down the drain. You need to stand behind your products, all of them and if I can I’m returning it, it stinks and I don’t think you care Nothing works right.

  4. ‘So basically i put in a microsoft card yesterday night for 15 dollars and itried yesterday buying a bull shark card on gta 5 and it said try again tomorrow so i waited and now it is saying that it wont work and i have tried everything there is to do for it and it keeps saying try again and i called the number and it was for some military school so im just trying to figure out what to do.

    1. No have you tried playing offline and mine won’t play my games have them installed completely and it was working fine 2 min ago now it won’t play anything like games or Blu-rays nethier help please.

  5. someone in united kingdom I think is using my free trial a nd closing me out from making any purchases. it keeps telling me my address is somewhere in England. i’m getting so frustrated with this issue i’m going to return this unit immediately!!!

  6. My $140 headset that I just got two weeks ago is already broke the mic snap off of it and I put it up every time back an Xbox

  7. yeah, mine does that to. And everyone I know that has a Xbox one say when you have a disc in the console. The console say there is no disc in the console! Xbox one is the biggest disappointment. How could a company go backwards. The 360 was a better console then XBOX ONE

  8. Hi my gamer card is checkconch838 on Xbox one I have a problem I payed for VIP for forza horizon 3 and I can’t get the new cars and the new winter Mountain please fix the problem or contact me or just giveit

  9. I just bought an xbox one but it will not connect to the internet. It recognizes our wifi but will not prompt for the password. We must put in password on all out devices to connect to wifi. Everything else is connecting just fine. What do I do? Please someone help. My kids are very disappointed because this was a Santa gift.

  10. Since I downloaded the last apps for the horizon 3, I can’t play any other x box one games! and can’t play horizon 3 games either, What gives?

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